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Straight belongs to LGB more than Trans does. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Straight are all sexualities whereas "trans" is nothing but a bunch of biology denying body modification enthusiasts.

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Most of the "trans" today are actually straight though - straight men identifying as "transbians" and straight girls as "gay transmasc". And that's what's causing so much of the problems. Back in the day it was largely gay people who transitioned, the T in LGBT was basically short hand for "gay people who choose to transition are still welcome in our community"

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More than likely, but that's fine with the people doing it.

By definition, the people demanding that LGB people find them attractive and have sex with them because trans are the insane narcissist incels who'd gladly burn the whole world down as long as someone will fuck them in the ashes.

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T needs to be cut out of lgb like a cancer. There’s no room for an inherently homophobic stance at the gay club.

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    I think LGBT is a cancer too but calling it “jewish nonsense” is a big stretch.

    “Everyone who I don’t like is a Jew” FTW.

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    i forget sometimes that there are actual genuine antisemites online. their arguments are always so cute and antiquated.

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    People like these neo nazis are hurting movements like LGB drop the T and so.They constantly promote these conspiracies like Qanon,flat earth,satanic lizard people that only hurt movements.Is it any wonder the right didn't do well in the mid terms?

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    There's a confluence of groups all taking anti-trans positions right now and finding out that with the exception of that one common sense belief, they don't have much more in common. Radfems, neocons, Qanons - these are not allies just because they happen to also hate normalizing castrated kids.

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    Abortion rights and economy/inflation were the issues of most interest to the voters.

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      The question is whether people and to what extent used any ethnic/religious/social connections to be supported, to avoid criticism. This is not a matter of anyone’s background but personality, whether someone works for a good cause or not. But I see that it won’t make much sense to discuss it.

      For example, I can see how the term antisemitism is misused in some scenarios (such as when some people wish any critique of the state of Israel and its politics equals antisemitism when it doesn’t). But I’m neither a type who applauds race conspiracies. If conspiracy guys often say that some petty stuff is used to divide people, why they can’t see it in every possible case? The issue is not someone’s ethnicity or similar stuff but who they are as a person, using their resources and what such person wants to do with others.

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      Sorry that my post attracted a few neo nazis.It should be noted that this person above is cherry picking the people who happened to be jewish while completely ignoring all the non jewish people who founded the LGBT movement.Funny enough, i looked up Henry Gerber and there's no evidence he was jewish.

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        First off,i'm not jewish.Not sorry i don't believe your bullshit because you people are proven liars that blame jews for everything.How about you fuck back off under the rock you came from instead of tearing the right apart with your neo nazis conspiracies.

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          And you're a filthy cuckold for hitler.Why not make like your leader and remove yourself.

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          It's mostly gonna be spoiled middle or upper class women who hate themselves and don't have anything better to do so they need to find a cause to be activists in. Rebel without a cause basically. See it commonly in activist circles.

          Naturally with Jews as a whole being fairly well off in the west and having the cultural tendency to spoil their kids, Jewish princess syndrome, you'll see a statistically incongruous number of them in activism for rediculous causes. Also doesn't help that holocaust stories from when they were kids tend to get them to frame everything through genocidal lenses which tends to radicalize some.

          There's also a fair amount of nepotism going on but frankly it's pretty useless to go about blaming this on the Jews specifically, as all this applies to any non-jewish rich liberal types as well. Anti-catholicism is a similar phenomenon. .

          We all need to unite and realize that our common enemy isn't the Jews, it's women. Women lack penises and therefore cannot think with their dick, how will they ever be expected to make good choices then?

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          Same. I can see myself that there are Jewish people who support various sketchy things but that doesn’t make the whole Jewish community evil. And considering those who might be of Jewish descent and don’t care about all that shit LOL. And yes, as you said there were also others who supported it - someone else might as well said “all Caucasians are evil because they backed LGBT”.

          I think boiling it down to ethnicity is a wrong take, thank you for your opinion too, very based.

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          We're not the cancer, a lot of us are fighting hard against this shit.

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          fuck off glowie

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            am not a glowie

            "jewish globohomo"

            as I said, fuck off

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              Woah bro, I think he rolled out.

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              They already have. And precisely because of that many people now want to purge both of them, for real this time.

              It was all planned intentionally of course, to solidify political power in the hands of the elites. The rest of us are pawns in their game.

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              Ts will tear themselves apart. You can't guilt trip reality into changing. The more people talk about stuff like the cotton ceiling, women's sports, prisons, shelters, etc. the more everybody, LGB or not, will see them for who they really are.

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              I think you need to look at why trans got lumped in with LGB to start with.

              It's not because most trans used to be gay, AGP has always been more common than HSTS in the West. Even most drag queens used to be straight men. It's not because same sex attraction has anything to do with changing gender, otherwise moves would have been made to get other gender non-conforming groups into the alphabet like nerds or tomboys.

              It's because firstly, they are all groups defined by how they want to have sex which is why kink is now also completely entwined with Pride, queerness and gay rights activists. Secondly It's because rates of personality disorders are very high in all the alphabet groups but just trans. These are people who think in a minority way who can go into a crowd of mixed gay and trans people and find they are suddenly the norm. There are a whole lot of young gay people with NPD and BPD who are never going to kick out the trans and become a personality minority in their community. If course those damaged people will tear whatever community they are in apart, that's just what cluster Bs do.

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              "It's not because most trans used to be gay, AGP has always been more common than HSTS in the West"

              I'm not so sure about that, at least in regards to the UK - I watched a 1970s BBC documentary on transsexuals and all of the transwomen in it were attracted to men or in relationships with men. Even in the 1990s and 2000s most of the trans celebrities I can think of were HSTS. And I'm not sure about "most drag queens used to be straight men" - certainly guys like Danny LaRue and Stanley Baxter were assumed to be straight at the time but have come out later in life, they were just in the closet.

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              That will be because back then, transsexuals and transvestites were recognised as two completely different groups. And most transvestites were quiet about their kink in day to day life. Yes some of them would force it randomly on the unsuspecting public for kicks. But they wouldn't announce it at work and expect to be recognised as brave and stunning.

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              Most AGP don't want surgery so that's why they don't show up in that documentary.

              You are confusing transexual and trans gender.

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              A lot of AGPs do have surgery though, specifically the ones with anatomical autogynephilia

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              Pretty much every leftoid construct is being torn to pieces by the braindead NPCs that comprise them, some quicker than others.

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              Well, #LGBWithoutTheT is trending on Twitter AGAIN... it feels like there's no pride parade these days without the corresponding contingent of combative lesbians saying transwomen are men and its corresponding counter contingent of young green hair non binary folx telling them what they need is a good dicking.

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              The Ls and Gs I know already tell me privately that they hate the Ts.

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              I think it will be like that, T being the most vocal destructive force and perhaps microlabels and other “fancy” orientations finishing the job/helping the T.

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              if a gay man finds a trans man attracting then it would show that he was never gay and is really just attracted to masculinity

              This is wrong, and the terms “trans man” and “trans woman” are designed to make this confusing. A “trans man” is really a woman. So, if a gay man finds a woman attractive then this means he is really bi. There's no “masculinity” involved in being attracted to a woman.

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              The only tearing apart going on will be the tearing apart of my gay asshole by the big black man named dejeyshawrone who i met on the bus today.