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If a parent ever took their kids to watch sexually gyrating Chippendale's dancers, you know people would be freaking out and it wouldn't take long for CPS and police to arrive.

But put those same sexually gyrating dancers in drag, and presto! It's now wholesome family entertainment. Makes perfect sense.

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I mean surely you could call the cops on this no? Inappropriate sexual display in front of a minor? I'd argue existing laws cover this.

What we need to do is, if you've got one of these events going on in your community. A bunch of normal people need to go and just observe. Write down what is happening but don't otherwise interfere, but if you see child abuse going on, call 911 and report it immediately. Do that a few times and it will be incredibly difficult for these events to continue with children present.

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Yet another one of those things happened that we were told don’t happen.

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