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This is not a real writer. Not a real man.

Probably written by a woman as a piece meant to "educate" men on how letting them cheat is progressive.

It reads too much like it was written by a woman pretending to be a man. See the phrasing of "she fucked only me" as opposed to "she only had sex with me" or "I only had sex with her". And the utter lack of identity in the man. He has zero personality because he's a figment, a framing device.

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You are right the grammar is appalling it should have been "she fucked only I"

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'twas myne dick the wench doth rode

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Verily twas the wench m're broketh in then thine saddle upon myne steed.

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I think this is written by a man pretending to be a woman pretending to be a man. I'm not kidding. This whole article is an obviously made-up story whose purpose, if you ask me, is not "teaching women to be sluts". It's teaching men to think women are sluts and want to do this stuff unless they're in the kitchen, possibly wearing a burqa.

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Actually a few people were saying the same on reddit. Maybe that really is what's happening.

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Wouldn't surprise me.

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Translation: “I knew that my wife wanting to fuck other men stemmed from the fact that she lost all attraction to me when I became a stay at home dad. I understood that if I refused to open our marriage, I would be faced with divorce and the loss of access to my children, income and assets. When I understood that, I became a feminist”.

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This is why most men won't consider becoming stay-at-home dads. Because let's face it, men lose in the fast majority of divorce cases, and not having a job as a man is stigmatised. In fact, most women don't want to date men who earn less money than them, and stay-at-home dads earn nothing.

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I'd still be calling for divorce anyway in such a case. The wife is basically asking for an open license to cheat. You can divorce on the grounds of infidelity, and if the wife is the one making the income she is the one that stands to lose much from this between child support payments and the like. There's also a good chance that women like this will not argue for custody anyway since they're more interested in having sex than having a family anyway.

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But the courts are so in favor of the woman even if there's infidelity- hell, even if there's proof the wife is abusing the husband and kids, and forcing the kids to do drugs and have sex with the wife's new partners, the court will still give the wife full custody and alimony because "the kids need their mother more."

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Can't say I have much experience with courts. But while I know this is the common belief people have about the way courts are biased, I find it hard to believe, and I see little evidence to back it up beyond the occasional crazy news story.

I'm pretty sure that most courts won't award custody to a woman if there is proof of the things you have mentioned. Likely because should there be proof of those things the woman should be in jail already as all those are criminal acts. The issue of course comes down to having proof that can stand up in court.

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That's a good point. The husband can still win if he files for divorce before the wife does.

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That's so true it makes me sad...

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prediction: divorce within 5 years when she finds someone she'd rather be with.

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I agree, you ever notice that all the posts about open marriages on reddit are tragedies?

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My wife's boyfriend makes her so happy. I'm doing everything right, taking care of the kids, and being a good feminist ally. Why do I feel like a failure?

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the difference in reaction between when it's the man's idea versus the woman's is so telling. EVERYONE knows what men are really after. when women do it there's always some assumption that there's something ~deeper~ going on.

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It would be good to experiment by having the guy go on a few dates and see if she freaks out over it.

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Of course she will freak out. She likes to think that she owns her husband.

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Agree. Articles like these are almost always cries for help. Divorce or one day she goes missing.

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oh, it's definitely him that's gonna end up being the one distributed across multiple suitcases in the river

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I hate that this is framed as feminism, especially because it reads like an Onion article. It doesn't really sound like an "open relationship" unless the guy is also free to date on the side. This is however a prime example of what people get away with calling "the left" lately even though it isn't what an actual leftist would present as an ideal. This is an inversion of the power hierarchy and then calling it equal or progressive because the power is the opposite of the traditional power structure. This isn't leftist or feminist, it's just differently hierarchical. That doesn't solve the problem, it just gaslights people into maintaining a power structure with different winners and losers.

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That is what the Left has always been about since the Jacobins…

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That isn't the definition of left wing politics though. I fully realize that colloquially people use the word differently. That fact is what bothers me. Most people call liberals and Democrats left wing which is just dumb as hell. Even the TRAs who self identify as left are totally misusing the term. Somehow populism which is left by definition has now colloquially been marked as right wing.

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Slippery slope fallacy really fucked us all in the ass. We gave women the vote. Now they can get praised for cheating on their spouse and the hard core feminists are pushing for the ability to have post-natal abortions.

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This ain't it, chief.

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Listen boss, I don't know much honestly even basic facts tend to elude me. But I know one thing. One key important detail. "Feminism is cancer" -Milo Yiannopoulos

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Pssst, this is Adventurous-Ad, he's the troll guy

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lol damn it, he got me.

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I agree: slippery slope fallacy is real, we shouldn't have given men the right to vote and do important jobs. Now they are free to go online and spew anti-women bullshit. Let's get men back where they belong: behind enemy lines taking bullets.

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Fake story meant to make feminism look bad and an attempt to get men to become mysoginistic. Well, they're failing: only a man who was already mysoginistic to begin with would believe this crap.

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Swallow the dogpill goy

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Michael Sonmore is totally fake.

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Why even bother writing about this?