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They don't actually believe that up is down, no.

What they think is anyone should be able to do anything they want, even to their own destruction, if what they're doing isn't hurting anyone else. So they play along and lie to themselves and others for the sake of this perceived "greater good."

This is why they're baffled when someone cares about another persons wellbeing in this regard. "Why do you care so much?" They'll say, to the person that actually cares about the wellbeing of others enough to say no to them.

The trick is, most of them haven't caught on yet to the fact that this troonery that's been let loose in the world is harming innocent bystanders to this cult of biodenialism.

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They don't actually believe that up is down, no.

What they think is anyone should be able to do anything they want, even to their own destruction, if what they're doing isn't hurting anyone else. So they play along and lie to themselves and others for the sake of this perceived "greater good."

And there's a possibility that any or all of their "friends" could turn on them if they break with the group think.

They aren't wrong.

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Oh yeah, definitely that too! And that kind of fear and the ever-increasing need to virtue signal has them in some kind of death spiral. They have no idea.

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most of them haven't caught on yet to the fact that this troonery that's been let loose in the world is harming innocent bystanders to this cult of biodenialism.

This is the main thing right here.

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I was talking to a woman, who insisted trans women are women. And she also insisted that women should make womens decisions.

So I said, okay, then trans women make womens decisions. And she wasn’t okay with that.

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a tiny minority of straights would date a trans person

Schrödinger's homosexual. When you're in the closet but out at the same time.

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I got news for that tiny minority of "straights"

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A tiny minority of the population but not a tiny minority of gays I think.

I've been wondering whether the higher incidence of personality disorders in gay people isn't because being gay is related to being crazy but because a large number of sane gay people have enough self control that they never come out and just get married, have kids and then screw around behind their spouse's back. So they exclude themselves from the numbers of gay people in research leaving more emotionally incontinent types. Certainly a whole lot of people get caught living that lifestyle and troons always have a line of supposedly straight guys wanting to use them for sex.

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I think about this too sometimes. I also wonder if the higher incidence of personality disorders is due to a) a higher than average rate of childhood SA (correct me if I'm wrong), and b) peer rejection and abuse during childhood and teen years, particularly among gender non-nonconforming youth.

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The sexual abuse comes from having parents who also have personality disorders. That's one way it gets passed down the generations, trauma.

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Peer Rejection in childhood and youth definitely cause personality disorders, but it can be remediated and corrected somewhat with councelling during adulthood.

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We call them bisexuals and most people think they don't exist. Which I'm 50/50 about

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I mean... they ARE trying to shame gay people into sleeping with trans people. Just look at what they're doing to lesbians.

So far, gay men are standing their ground better than lesbians are; r/askgaybros is pretty much openly transphobic. But trannies are still trying to push this. And I'm convinced that once the mainstream catches on that shaming gay people is the end game, the tide of public opinion is going to turn on them.

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Gays take no shit in this regard and I doubt that will work. The vocal ones are mtf's and they stay away from the gay places.

Shaming lesbians though... Full on. That will likely be run into the ground, much as I hate to say it.

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Was going to say the same thing. Maybe this is the old "women are more socially pliable" thing at work, but gay men, being men, are less likely to cave to social pressure, especially when it comes to who they fuck. Also, it's probably much harder to maintain an erection for penetration if you're not attracted to whoever you're with, whereas with women there's at least the possibility that they can take it even if they aren't turned on because being penetrated doesn't require as much sexual stimulation to achieve (not suggesting it's fun or easy though).

That isn't to say that gay guys who have sex with (pre-op/haven't had bottom surgery) FtM don't exist; I know some, though I'm not sure how far they actually go with them.

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Look I know its pretty hard for you to wrap your jaws around but if a lesbian is refusing to play my female flute then they are blatantly participating in transphobia. Its deeply problematic that lesbians would deny me my right to sleep with them because they are terrified of my lady lance. Its at the point now where You will all force us to slide our she swords into your sheaths against your will for penance. And only then will those vile terfs understand the hurt and pain they have caused by refusing to sleep with us.

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just proves that compelled speech and internet harassment only get you so far in the game of changing reality. people lose nothing from saying they are allies, because it's not in their backyard, it's online, and won't affect them. the second you look at the actual actions and behaviors of this generation, it tells a totally different and much more honest picture. we're not stupid. we just pretend to be to cover our asses and keep our jobs.

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I have a hard time believing that anyone actually perceives trans men and women as anything other than trans men and women. I think lots of people are okay with tolerance. Personally, I’m okay to use the pronouns that he or she presents as (but not neo pronouns). It’s just being polite and something I’d do because frankly, I just don’t care that much about their problems. I have my own.

But tolerance isn’t acceptance. Acceptance means I accept someone else’s philosophy. And in the case of much of the “queer” and “gender theorists,” I simply don’t accept their beliefs. I’ll treat them with the human dignity I’d afford anyone. But I don’t believe they are biologically men or women. I absolutely do not accept this non binary rubbish. It always seems to be people who have major self confidence issues trying to “opt out” of their body because it doesn’t get the attention they want on social media.

Claiming to be a part of the community, so they can get the unfettered high grade attention and adulation that people automatically lavish upon them. But it’s not actually real. It’s as automatic of a rote response as mindlessly “good” when someone who doesn’t care asks you how your day was. And those who claim that they totally believe that there’s no difference on a biological level, don’t put their junk where their mouths are.

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Your mistake is thinking that lying is "tolerance". If you call a man a woman (or vice versa), you are lying. You are also playing emperor's new clothes with someone, pretty much obeying to their demands. This is not tolerance. We've gotten into this predicament because people like you thought calling she a he required no effort, and didn't think about all the consequences. Because words do have a meaning.

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A couple of years ago it was almost given that leftist men would say "transwomen are women (except for relationship purposes)."

They know they are men. They just want you to have to pretend they are women, not them.

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Generally speaking I find that a lot of their “positions” on things like sex, gender, race are for public consumption. They live their private lives quite differently, as evidenced by the difference between who they live around and date in actuality and who you think they would live around and date based on their professed beliefs.

You living in certain zip codes makes you a racist, but when they have THEIR families there instead of in some inner city slum, it’s because of “good schools”.

Same with troons. They just see them as a cudgel to wield against the rest of us.

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For the most part no. People know that trans people are different as anyone with working eyeballs can discern.

They'll say they don't have a problem with dating them when there are no stakes. Will they actually date them, no. They're typically more concerned with messaging and idealisms over the practical issues that come about which aren't considered.

It's one thing to say that we shouldn't harass people who are gender non-conforming as that's true enough. It's another thing to say that self identification is sufficient for access to sex restricted spaces or that legally compelled politeness needs to be enforced.

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Of course they don't actually believe it and they'll all have some area where they show they don't. Usually dating or if not sports. If a trans woman is a woman, whether they're on hormones or have had surgery, then surely no restrictions should be needed for them to compete in women's sports. But everyone realises that would be fucking ridiculous, so they don't really believe it.

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I won't support trans rights until the left addresses incelphobia

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A phobia is an irrational fear or disgust, not a rational one.

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Anecdotal, but from what I've seen on reddit, the TRA subreddits will actually push back against the idea that gays or straights should be attracted to trans. It's the TRAs that venture out into the conservative subs that will aggressively push this idea. Then again, they might just like winding up the conservatives.

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Lol no.

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But dating is misogyny. Choosing to not date a person or group of people is a great gift to that community.

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More people than you might think are willing to date trannies. But still, a lot of people, leftists included wouldn't seriously consider it, even though they'd claim otherwise.

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I would have before they all went crazy.

A mad partner is not a burden anyone should take on.