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There was one sane voice in a sea of insanity:

No. You can’t be made to feel like you have a uterus when you don’t even know how it feels to have one. This level of delusion has to stop. It’s ok to be trans and accept that as your reality. No need to pretend you have imaginary organs. Y’all do yourselves no favor by doing this.

The level of delusion on that thread is stunning. Those dudes actually think they're having symptoms. Crazy fucking troons.

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It’s ok to be trans

You're giving them their inch. They will take a mile. The slope is in fact slippery.

Heterosexual monogamy or GTFO.

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Yes it's fine if we awknoledge gender disphoria as a condition. And it's fine if we have empathy towards those who suffer from it. After all strongly believing that you are something that you are not and cannot ever be is a distressing proposition.

But much like telling an alcoholic their desire to drink should be celebrated, or a pedophile desires are natural and should be celebrated, we shouldn't tolerate it, even if we can empathize with the individual and their distress.

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Toleranting bad habits is enabling them.

That's exactly the opposite of professional advice for dealing with alcoholics.

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"We just wanna get married! Now let us touch your kids."

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"We just wanna visit each other when we're dying in the hopsital! And adopt kids! And have sex with them!"

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Most trans people are hetero. As in, transwomen (males) are into women and transmen (female) are into men. This whole thing is driven by pornsick hetero men.

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