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This sort of stuff makes me wonder about all the normies who just go along with the demands. All the Labour conference goers who were happily saying TWaW..etc completely unaware that this is the insanity that they’re supporting. The police “checking the thinking” of people who refuse to say that the Emperor’s clothes are the finest that they have ever seen.

I see this stuff, and all the other craziness from both MtFs and FtMs and wonder how did this become something that people don’t just go along with but go full jihad over.

I mean, it has to end at some point doesn’t it?

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Emperor’s clothes

I sincerely wonder if this is still read in schools.

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I’ve seen it in lots of schools in London. Not read it to a class myself because I teach an age range slightly too old, but down in infants (4-7) I wouldn’t be surprised to see it being read.

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That story is best read to teenagers imo. Satire and metaphor go way over young kids' heads. I found it delightful as a 15yo.

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I love the story now and often find myself humming the Danny Kaye song whilst reading this sort of shit, that, this song and occasionally this.

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These old stories are wonderful as their true meaning is only able to be seen by the wise. The foolish completely miss their meaning much like the Emperor.