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Ah yes Mermaids. A great analogy. The mythical sea creature that falls in love with someone who cannot love her back, makes a deal with the devil to sell her most attractive attribute in return for a pair of legs that cause her pain whenever she walks, only to find that without a voice the prince falls in love with another and without a way back to the sea the now despondent mermaid kills herself.

They definitely were wise in their choice of name for their organization. Truly stunning. I couldn't pick a better name if I tried. It truly reflects the compassionate mission of the organization, to help those poor unfortunate souls.

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I don't know when, I don't know how, but I know something starting right now! Watch and you'll see... Someday I'll be... Just kidding, I'm mutilated now 😂 Oops!

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Darling it matter,
Make your chest flatter.
Take it from me.

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I wanna pee where the women are.

I wanna see, wanna see them farting.

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I don't know when, I don't know how, but I know I must get there somehow! That's where I'll be, wait and you see, women's locker room!

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Da men in the clinic happy, as off with the breasts they slash, the TERF in the isle ain't happy, because she a piece of trash. But someday the TERF get payback! She in for an epic win, cause when all da lawsuit coming "guess you go to jail now then"!

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If the Little Mermaid represents anything, it's the danger of making someone your entire focus of your life instead of focusing on yourself.

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Children’s transgender charity Mermaids is using characters from the Mr. Men and Little Miss series to promote its harmful and anti-scientific gender ideology to young children.

For those unaware, the Mr Men and Little Miss characters have been a fixture of children’s literature in the UK for decades (I’m mid forties and loved these books as a young child). They are aimed at 2-6 year olds.

Blatant grooming behaviour.

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You gotta use childish abstractions and cartoons to maintain the illusion of gender identity. Once you graduate from unrealistic forms to photographic depictions of trans people the difference is fairly obvious in most cases. It's basically why trans circles are so rife with anime content. It's not so much that anime content is trans in nature (though the differing cultural standards from a society with a more open and matter of fact approach to sex, and stricter gender rolls than the west, do tend to have fictional depictions that cross what in the west would be considered taboo and age inappropriate, most is innocent in the same sense that, bugs bunny crossdressing to trick Elmer Fudd is a joke not meant to be taken seriously) it's more that the anime girl phenomenon represents a largely male idealization of the female form, and naturally that's the idealized fictional identity that is adopted as being unrealistic and exaggerated allows for the illusion to be maintained in online spaces whereas photo realistic depictions quickly betray the birth gender of the person in question in most circumstances. A similar phenomenon exists with women as well in the form of Yaoi popularization where women create these strange idealized male forms from a female perspective that aren't at all indicative of actual male relationships.

For the most part the best thing to do is keep your children away from unrestricted and unsupervised internet access. You can't stop them completely but merely slowing their access and asking what are you doing will oftentimes be enough to either cause them to desist from problematic internet usage or allow you to identify what they are struggling with before they can be influenced by creepy strangers online. Smartphones are probably ok to let your kids use only if you are clear that nothing they do on the phone is private and you can see everything, and then you've got to monitor it. Unless they are willing to pay for the phone bill themselves, that's the condition of use. Teaches them to be careful as in real life you also can't expect your electronic communications to be private by any means.

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Well Mr Tickle always was a bit suspicious...

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He was my favourite, along with Mr Bump.

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Mr Bump was great. Mr Messy too.

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Hmm I don't think it's authorised using Mr Men, due to them not being quite on model.

Anyway, is it just me or has it moved away from "being trans is difficult and we should show solidarity" to "being trans is great and really cool, you should be one"?

Anyway, knowing one it seems like a nightmare to have this affliction. It's not something that should be sold as this cool thing to be.

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LOL this comment from the article:

Not once did it cross Mr Happy’s mind to declare his pronouns, and he lived happily ever after. Mr Topsy-Turvy, however, had always been confused about his gender, until he changed his identity to Little Mx Trans and Fabulous. Now everyone respects him more, of course. This infuriated Mr Angry, while Mr Forgetful couldn’t remember whether he was born a boy or girl. Meanwhile, Mr Sensible suggested to everyone that the children reading about all of them should perhaps be exposed to slightly more innocuous, less sexual stereotypes until they were older. Everyone stood agape. This was the best idea they had heard all day! Little Miss Support Trans Rights moped off with her tail between her legs and an existential crisis.

The End.

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I don’t know how many children nowadays are interested in these characters mentioned in the article - they become sort of a meme on Instagram and Twitter though.

That doesn’t paint Mermaid in any better light though. They’re still degenerates. The fact that they’re doing what they’re doing and that they’re reaching out to children... Filthy groomers.

I hope they’re be met with reactions of children saying it’s stupid and impossible and laughing at them.