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I am so disgusted by the bigotry and hatred shown twords people just trying to help young boys be who they are on the inside. Its sick and twisted of you to try and prevent these burgeoning young men from realizing their true potential as malicious abusive monsters who will use their male privilege's to destroy the lives of innocent women. Why do you want to take that away from them?. Why do you want to strip these teen boys of their rights to have their tits cut off and fake dicks sown to their crotches. You monsters are the worst kinds of living beings. I cant even consider you human. You just want to destroy lives and dreams of oppressed and marginalized folx. Next you will try to take away our rig.... I mean minors rights to have bottom surgery. Well I for one will not stand for your evil ways. I will fight you in the comment sections, I will fight you in the inboxes... I will fight you in the live chats. And when I am sitting in my swivel chair out of good arguments to back up my accusations and claims, and surrounded by hateful na*Zi trolls I will look you all in your faces and defiantly reeeee that you are worse then trumpler. I will not stand for this (Which is why I'm sitting down). if a 3 year old wants to have bottom surgery then they should have it!. If a 12 year old wants to have top surgery and hormone therapy then they should have it!. It will help us to create a new world order. Of peace and prosperity where we have secured not only the existence of the gay race but a future for trans babies as well. My crusade will not end! until every baby has the opportunity to transition via surgery and hormones. Come at me bigots my anus is ready!.

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I will fight you in the comment sections, I will fight you in the inboxes... I will fight you in the live chats.

This. Fucking. Guy.

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Uh, sweaty, did you just commit a misgendering microaggression? I'm afraid that'll be 15 Hail Keffals and an appearance before Canadia's Human Rights Tribunal for restitution trials.

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15 Hail Keffals


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Aye, I will fight and I may become swayed from my opinions. Run and I may hold on to my cult like beliefs -- at least a while. And regretting my decision many bottom surgeries from now, would I be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our gender affirming care surgeries for minors, but they'll never take our Estradiol!!!

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You magnificent bastard.

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Experts said that adolescent top surgeries were less frequent than cosmetic breast procedures performed on teenagers who were not transgender. Around 3,200 girls age 13 to 19 received cosmetic breast implants in 2020, according to surveys of members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and another 4,700 teenagers had breast reductions.

They’re giving boob jobs to kids?

Fuck all these degenerate cunts!

Hmm they include 18 and 19 year olds in their data…almost like they’re hiding shit. I bet they’ve done almost no breast implant ops on under 18 year olds and are actually trying to obfuscate to make out like mastectomies on children are no big deal.

Still degenerate cunts!

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I'm willing to bet a vast majority of those 3200 are 18 or 19.

Also throwing in reductions, which often aren't (purely) cosmetic and are also a far stretch from a double radical mastectomy

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Yeah, the grouping of 18/19 year olds in that augmentation data is ridiculously suspicious.

And even if there were thousands of 13 years getting breast implants, it’s a wholly reversible procedure unlike bilateral mastectomies.

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Also of note is that they are comparing boob jobs to a double mastectomy. Putting in a synthetic pillow is largely reversible. Like yes a teenager should not be getting a boob job but in the event it's done, they actually can reverse the procedure by removing the prosthetic through the small incision. The breast reduction also makes sense as a way to make a body part more manageable and to help with back pain. Chopping off fully healthy breasts for no reason is just irreversible to start with and they will be lucky if the scar isn't extremely obvious.

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Need more fidelity in the statistics. There's legit reasons for mastectomies in kids but the list of reasonable justifications is short. Basically cancer.

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they are telling on themselves by pre-empting their own admissions to chopping off tits with "b-but but, there's also this OTHER fucked up thing happening!"

like so you know it's fucked up, that's why you're pulling a whatabout.

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It’s mostly about money. Troons are viewed as a mostly untapped market for the medical field. We all know how easily influenced young kids are.

The people promoting this are doing it for personal gain or because they just like subverting things.

They won’t stop.

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I didn’t believe it until I saw the Vanderbilt Hospital videos on Matt Walsh’s show. I used to think the profit argument was a right wing fever dream, but clear as fucking day they were discussing it with regards to children and how profitable it was to do hormones and surgeries to kids. They were so brazen about it they had videos of the discussions on their website too.

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The “crazy internet people” have ended up being right about more than a few things these last few years. I used to dismiss them all as cranks until I started paying attention to the motives and actions of the people who called them crazy.

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crazy internet people have always been two groups - actual crazy ass people with terrible ideas, and smart people saying unpopular shit.

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Pretty much the same these days with Nazis and "Nazis," fascists and "fascists," and so on. There's the legit ones properly named for what they are, and then there's the people who're trying to be stifled with a dirty label because what they're saying is a problem for someone.

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Remember when everyone laughed at Alex Jones for "Turning the frogs gay"?

Evidence suggests that pharmaceuticals are making their way into waste water and altering the hormones of amphibious animals.

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People got too wrapped up in focusing on the wording, and the messenger, to pay attention to meaning. Even back when it first started making the rounds, I knew what he was trying to say.

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Think about it man. The right wing is generally pretty much all about profits. Or at least that's the popular point the media wants to cover as they like the "profits before people narrative"

When people on the right are complaining about profiteering you'd have better take that seriously because when the party of lower taxes and corporate profits is pointing to something and saying it's bad it's gotta be fucking bad.

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Nah, that's the old-fashioned RINO wing of the party. They're furious because they're being kicked out by the MAGA wing. Liz Cheney, neocon extraordinaire, just got kicked out and boy is she mad. Biden got on TV and called them semi-fascists in a blood-red scene right out of a Leni Riefenstahl film.

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Well you ain't wrong. The religious/moral right wing is much closer to the left wing than anyone is willing to admit. Dare I say they are basically communist in ideology as if we study the book of Acts we see the early Christians adopted a very collectivist lifestyle.

Hell if your read what republican darling Barry Goldwater wrote at the time with today's sensibilities your be forgiven for thinking he's a vote blue no matter who type.

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Alienhunter in another thread: "I'm a fucking professional racist first class"

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And fucking proud of it. If you're gonna be a racist be the fucking best racist you can be. Don't settle for 2nd place!

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First class racists get much better perks than business class racists, like having the effectiveness of their oppression doubled at no extra charge.

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God don't even get me started on economy class racism these days. My god you have to pay extra for slurs and they just lump in the Irish and Canadians together. Like good lord there's no way I'm treating a Dubliner Belfaster and Canucks like equal trash no sir. Canadians don't fuck sheep my god they aren't Welsh. They fuck moose instead. But you go with economy they give a everyone the same meal. Ewe, revolting.

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am i the only one who isn't gonna feel bad when these narcissists all start suing each other?

it'll almost wrap itself up nicely. clinics close as the new wave of medical casualties decide to pivot and make being a late-capitalist victim of surgical experimentation their identity.

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While money is the majority, I'd also see population control as a big reason for it too. If the government made a plan to sterilize the feeble-minded, then any person with a soul would riot over this...but if they make a new movement that makes you cool and special and awesome and you matter more than anyone else in the world, and all you have to do is have yourself sterilized to be in the group...why, you'll get not just the feeble-minded, the social climbers, people of unapproved political beliefs/races, etc. to do it!

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Well the government has already had and implemented such programs in the past. History of the eugenics movement is worth studying.

However I don't think this line of reasoning really tracks. The government doesn't really benefit much from sterilization of large swaths of the population. Quite the opposite in fact.

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The government doesn’t benefit, but everyone in the government is sure convinced it’s necessary.

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Government is beholden to corporate interests. Short term profits are considered ultimate to all else, after all if you make bank why give a fuck about your successor. And let's be fair, trans shit is a money maker. Hormones for life, surgery、followups, reverse surgeries, make bank and when the heat is on retire.

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You don't see how the government would benefit from sterilizing a large swath of the population who they don't like or who have opposing political views as the people in power?

Even the "the government is beholden to corporate interests" argument you used lower wouldn't work there since it even benefits the corporate interests: If you know it's inevitable the corporations are about to fully-automate pretty much every job possible, then you know that it's to your benefit to lower the surplus population as much as humanly possible before the automation starts. That gives you a two-pronged attack to do so- push gender woo onto the undesirable left wingers so they feel special and happily sterilize themselves, while pushing anti-vaxx or anti-mask rhetoric on the undesirable right wingers so they willingly die of preventable diseases. Either way, you've put enough chlorine in the gene pool the only people left will be the people rich enough to still have money/privilege in a post-automation world.

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You don't see how the government would benefit from sterilizing a large swath of the population who they don't like or who have opposing political views as the people in power?

I don't, more people equal more power. You're still under this idea that democratic processes work, should the ruling class ever be disadvantaged by the popular vote to the point they can't manufacture consent they'll simply do away with the pretense of democracy and return to monarchy.

Even the "the government is beholden to corporate interests" argument you used lower wouldn't work there since it even benefits the corporate interests: If you know it's inevitable the corporations are about to fully-automate pretty much every job possible, then you know that it's to your benefit to lower the surplus population as much as humanly possible before the automation starts.

It doesn't work that way because the automation argument is retarded. It's all sci-fi nonsense that the proles eat up with glee because they love the idea of not having to work. End of the day it's basically a pipe dream. The more you automate shit cheaper shit gets the more demand there is and the positions open. But that's even assuming you "can" automate shit. It's far more complicated than the popular science mags want you to think.

Ruling class needs slaves to support them. Robots make bad slaves. They can't even make a good martini. Plus nobody wants a robot servant except the proles.

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LOL pro-trans subreddits are calling this article a dog whistle to TERFs.

nah, sweaty, that's just the fucking facts for ya.

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The facts are transphobic. Reality is transphobic.

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"reality has a transphobic bias."

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There’s finally push back.

This is going to be one of those things, where people look back, and they are like:

what the fuck.

“Gender affirming treatment” literally mean castrating humans. One of the greatest life affirming this we do as humans is have children. Butchering people, which causes blood clots, strokes, constant digusting cleaning of Newley formed holes in the body, and making people look like feankenstine.

The hormones treatment causes bones to fall apart, and bones to crush. It gives children cancer.

That have totally lost their minds.

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As lobotomies were considered legit medical treatment in the past, so will mastectomies be considered in our era.

Circa 2070 you'll turn on PBS only to see a documentary about how mastectomies were considered a valid treatment for puberty phobias in kids and everyone will decry and condemn it all the while kids are getting tail implants for furryism and fucking up their spines.

Hello person from 2070 reading this. Yes I have been to the future (and if you believe that you are retarded). Come an find me or some other old fucker you think is an idiot backwards fuck. We have lived through shit. We lived through world war III and the nuclear fallout the idiots thought was the end of the world, world didn't end, life went on, everyone stopped caring about bullshit until the 2060's when the new generation grew up without war. Wanna learn from the past so you don't repeat the future? Good for you. Hopefully your kids in the 2090's repeat the same pattern, otherwise you're fucked in the 2210's when Nigeria invades Ghana.

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Tails are hot, women cutting off their tits not even a little bit.

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Tails are hot until you become a paraplegic.

I guess paraglegics are also hot.

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I hope all the names are being taken for when the trials begin.

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This is a great top comment:

"Here's a thought: raise all kids as non-binary. Get rid of all gender roles in childhood. Make childhood completely gender-free. Gender roles are a prison. If we didn't force our kids into that prison, then they wouldn't feel like they have to permanently change their bodies and possibly damage their health in order to escape, and predatory doctors wouldn't profit from their misery."

One of the huge problems I see with the trans ideology is that it's so regressive - categorizing behavior, dress, and looks as gendered. Second wave feminists fought to allow women to take up male occupations, wear pants, play sports, etc. It used to be progressive to allow boys to do stereotypical girly stuff and girls to do stereotypical boyish stuff without judgement. Now it's "you must be trans, let's get you on hormone blockers." Fucking ridiculous. Not to mention the fact that no child is comfortable with their body when they enter puberty. It sucks for everyone. Blocking puberty and natural development is child abuse, straight up.

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Here's a thought, just don't give a fuck about any of this shit. Let the kids be themselves. Don't confuse them with non-binary bullshit. Kids will naturally just gravitate towards standard gender rolls anyway if left alone. Some exceptions will be had but who cares if a girl wants to play with the "boys toys" or a boy wants to play with the "girls toys" just let them be. All this identity shit is regressive as fuck. You are you. Your sex cannot be changed, who cares? Kids will identify as a T-Rex or a cat or something and if you come in and claim they are furries because of it, you're probably a pedophile trying to push your fetish on the kids. This shit is no different.

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I agree

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Agree. I want to hope the person who wrote that referenced comment was clueless with the term “non-binary” but still... This is still shit to claim that a casual way of raising children, letting them play with what they want is “non-binary”. My mother never pushed me to like the overt the top girly things, I had many dolls but I also liked “boyish” toys, dinosaurs, toy soldiers. I didn’t care much for early versions of plays with makeup, etc. just what I found interesting back then. And somehow I grew up to be a woman who doesn’t base her value on what society or some stupid groups want to see women as. Almost as if the problem of the modern rise of transness in young people is not only linked to trauma and discomfort with the body but also social contagions, self esteem issues and the false belief that a new identity (and in many cases, a new body) will guarantee a perfect life.

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It's this whole confusion between "gender identify" and "personality"

Everyone's personality is different. Doesn't mean you're "Quick to anger-gender" or "cries too much during sad movies-gender" or "doesn't want to share toys-gender".

Kids don't have a gender identity. That doesn't mean they are "non-binary" it just means they are a normal kid. Hell most adults don't even have a "gender identity" whatever the fuck it is.

Even the whole idea of choosing your identity is kinda stupid. Gender or not. Sure I can choose to identify as a "brave and fearless" and while it's probably arguably a good thing to build yourself a positive self-identity, if you run away and cry at the first sign of stress nobody is gonna accept your self-identity of "brave and fearless". You can lie to yourself of course. But your identity is just as much shaped by others opinions of you than anything else.

It's just so bizzare that we are even concerned about this shit. A small child doesn't have any idea of what gender or sex even is really beyond a basic understanding that boys and girls are different. That's why kids get confused when other kids bully them for cross dressing. A toddler sees the dress up clothes as colorful costumes and not a gender identity. So they don't understand why they are being bullied for it. But a toddler also sees the road as a fun place where cars go zoom zoom and is traumatized and doesn't understand why mommy is screaming at them for running out into it. They're kids they're stupid cause they don't know better yet. But goddamn the unforgivable part is the stupid adults that should know better. Are we so goddamn blind to all this? How many historical cases do we need to through where some mentally ill parent, usually a woman hates men and forces their son to live as a girl. It fucks with the kids minds. It's far from uncommon it's been happening for ages but only recently have we gone, oh yeah that's totally a good thing. Sheer madness.

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Literally there was a big change in toys and kids clothes 20 years ago to put everything into blue and pink categories because that makes stores more money.

We said at the time this will be a disaster for gender non conflict kids who will feel like they can't be proper boys/girls and it's all come true.

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The fact how many of these people threat puberty as some evil inflicted upon suffering teenagers, biological disaster and are willing to block the natural development of their bodies with the transition process... This is super creepy. They fear puberty as if it was some way of mutilation and treat their mutilations as if they’re difficult sometimes but mostly okay.

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Simone De Beauvoir, the most influential second wave feminist that inspired an entire generation of women to stop shaving their legs, wrote in her masterpiece The Second Sex "One is not born, but becomes a woman." This has become the rallying cry of the entire trans ideological movement, and it's all because of a feminist.

If the name sounds familiar it's because she was the lover of Jean-Paul Sartre, and she would groom young girls from her high school classes so that Sartre could sexually assault them. Yeah, she pretty much had to write that strength comes from devotion because otherwise she couldn't mindfuck victims into compliance.

"They lived out their freedom in an open relationship, which included seducing, sharing and discarding young women, among them de Beauvoir's high-school students. This ill accords with her liberating feminist philosophy and fiction, and her acerbic analysis of how women are looked at and objectified, restricted to being the "other". Today we call the behavior of the revered existentialist couple "grooming".

[–]FlyingKangaroo 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

And of course she and Sartre (among others) signed this infamous petition.

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Any chance I can read the comments to the article, somewhere?

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they're still visible on the article, just click the comment bubble at the top. you might have to refresh.

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It's paywalled. The archival link doesn't have the comments.

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i can still access comments here

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Thanks, I had to create an account to be able to read it. Plenty of defense of trans in there too.