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Except for the effect it has on the children in his class. It actually doesn’t matter the motive for doing this, he’s doing it in front of children and so it’s wrong.

It’d be like donning a gimp suit in public to protest the treatment of the Uighrs in China, it’s legitimate to protest the genocide but it’s wrong to engage in sexual fetish-based activity (even if you are not actually deriving sexual pleasure from it) in public. Do your protest in a way that is acceptable for the venue where you intend to protest. If you want to auto-asphyxiate for trans-rights, great, but do it in your bedroom not during the communion at Sunday Mass.

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Lol yes. That shit happens a lot though. Remember the Starbucks workers' protest about unions? And then there's fucking furries coming to protest along with them. Any legitimate protest can be derailed by clowns supporting the same thing.