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    I mean you don't need a scientific study to prove that point pictures work well.

    The failure rate of FTM bottom surgery shouldn't be ignored either as it often results in a leaky appendage.

    Really I'd care about this far less if it wasn't for the surgeries and medical experimentation being done on clearly mentally ill individuals. If someone wants to claim they feel like a man or a woman and wants to dress accordingly, I don't particularly care if that's all that it is. But it ends up going far beyond that towards pushing kids into irreversible medical procedures to harassing people and trying to access sex specific spaces where you aren't welcome. It's this sociopathic tendency towards demanding everyone accept your behavior no matter what it is. I think it's a particularly bad position to be in since it forces those people who are confused about their gender and not otherwise sociopaths in with the sociopaths and makes them more likely to become "radicalized" into believing that they need all sorts of things they cannot ever truly have in order to be happy. People who have disphoria should be treated with compassion and we should try to have empathy towards them but that doesn't mean that they deserve unrestricted acceptance. Most of the medical side is problematic as fuck even if we ignore the obvious elephant in the room of profit motive.

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    Well put.