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It sounds interesting, but I've gotten pretty accustomed to my white and male privilege, and both White Supremacy and the Patriarchy have some really stringent guidelines on maintaining my privilege. Fucking around with another identity could put that at risk, and the process to regain my privilege is a pure Hell of petty bureaucracy and triplicate paperwork.

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Hell of petty bureaucracy and triplicate paperwork.

As a Palestinian Black Lesbian Dwarf, paperwork is optional.

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Sorry, but I already took hold as a 6 foot tall blond haired/blue eyed male from Canada who transitioned to a self-diagnosed neurodivergent Palestinian black lesbian fat dwarf Dream stan, who re-transitioned back to a 6-foot tall blond haired/blue eyed male from Canada, and I kin with you so you're therefore required to do everything I do and believe everything I believe or you're invalidating how I am kin with you. Actually, since you're kinsharing, I am more inherently you than you are and so you are not allowed to be you anymore.

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You kinshare deeze noots big gulp.

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I am also a 6 foot tall blond hair and blue eyed male from canada that is transitioning to a neuro divergent palestinian black lesbian dwarf so that i can clap back against the cis heternormative neurotypical bioessentialistic patriarchy that supports the dangerous fascistic western capitalisticit neo futuristic bioluminescent industrialized institutional oligarchic hegemony of the white oppressors and their big pharma allies.

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Right on Sista. Slay queen!

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Funny, but you do realize Zionism is just as much woke shit as the rest of them don’t you? Any ideology predicated on an oppressor/oppressed dynamic that advocates for backwards ass self-segregated “safe spaces” is the very definition of woke brainrot.

The only reason why some on the Marxist far left don’t accept Zionism is because Jews aren’t “colored” enough for them, the left literally eats their own in their racist reverse paper bag shit-tests.

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I can openly fight against [...] evil Zionists

I can't speak for far-left Marxists nor what they accept. All I know is that it's very complex - and very simple - Zionism is very evil.

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I thought your post was supposed to be a parody on far-leftist beliefs? You mean you were actually serious with that OP?

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Yes, and no. It's a mix.

Just because I can identify as something absurd, doesn't make it true. But it might come in handy when I need it.

Also, via this loophole, as a Palestinian Black Lesbian Dwarf that naturally, mythologically, etc. fights Big Pharma - we can also fight Zionism and their corporatocracy pushing this absurd agenda while we're at it - using their own weaponry back against them.

It's never too late to join the PBLD Liberation Front!


For reference of how the absurd can be effective, you might have a look at Pastafarianism, and how they fought for the right to wear a colander in their driver's license photos.