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And what's funny about this? The people leading the charge to bury kiwifarms (and "curate" sites like Reddit and Twitter) scream in outrage when people like Ajit Pai are in a position to control the Internet's unrestricted flow of thoughts and information. Proving that it's not the control that they object to, but only that the control isn't theirs.

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I think this is scary as hell. I'm watching the first amendment get trampled over and big tech consolidating their power. Only approved narratives are allowed. This is the kind of stuff Ted Kaczynski wrote about.

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People need to take the descentralization from Big Tech seriously. Saidit's main weakness is how relatively unpopular it is and there are many ways everyone can help spread the use of the site. We can still put up a fight and I sure as hell won't let them win.

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    Yeah, Kiwi Farms goes way way the fuck past the first amendment. It's essentially on online site for a gang to plot, scheme and terrorize whoever they don't like

    Do you have any evidence of that? It's the kind of thing I keep hearing about, but haven't actually seen browsing KF. There's doxxing on both sides of the fight. The bomb threat looks staged as hell though: Their site like ours forbids anything against US law.

    This seems like the sort of underhanded stuff AHS does to kill subs they don't like, and the real issue is a rather scummy trans person flexing their online muscles to silence their detractors.

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    That post's glow can be seen from fucking space it's such an obvious false flag. The other post used to condemn KF was made on 4Chan, which will no doubt be used to go after them next.

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    On the contrary, I think they try to lure 4chan into their embrace rather than go after them, much like Tumblr and Reddit.

    Remember; 4chan has porn, and AGP troons won't dare bite the hand that gives them cummies.

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    True that, unfortunately. I've seen plenty of pro-tranny threads on /pol/ started by shills, believe it or not.

    The troons constantly raid that place. They do it even more than other, actual minorities do, believe it or not.

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      That might slow down the whole online harassment thing a SMIDGE. Realistically though, there's an epic fuckton of basement dwellers doing this shit for kicks.

      Honestly, that's why this won't matter in the least. If KF goes down, it won't stop online harassment as much as it'll etch into law "online harassment is okay as long as you're on OUR SIDE". Do not forget the "Right Side Of History[tm]" has basement dwellers who love using online harassment as a weapon too, and they're emboldened to do it to anyone they don't like/who don't bow down to them...and they're GETTING TO WIN.

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      People need to realise the precedent they're setting here. Creating an environment where "the right side" gets to determine acceptable speech or behaviour absolutely will be used against you once the sides switch. If you let if be known that public utility providers (because let's face it that's what ISPs effectively are) or social media sites are all cowards who'll bow under the pressure of popular opinion, you don't get to complain when popular opinion changes and you suddenly find yourself unable to say or do shit.

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      Source: trust me bro

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        All those words you typed out, I just want you to know i didn't read them. Good night.

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        What's this guy's major malfunction? Half his posts are these diatribes that don't seem to go anywhere

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        Govenments want to pull the plug, and let them swarm from site to site just like the hate groups. Oh well, maybe they can host their mob on GAB or one of the "totally not affiliated with Stormfront or Neo-Nazi" sites can host them.

        Yeah, can't have those evil hatethinkers going around telling goyim that Whites don't deserve to be genocided, that's LITERALLY terrorism!

        Good thing good goy sites like Twitter and Reddit don't go around calling for violence, assisting in the commission of crimes, and leaking people's private information on a constant basis or anything like that.

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        It's essentially on online site for a gang to plot, scheme and terrorize whoever they don't like.

        Oh fuck off Keffals. Go groom some more children.

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        The thing is, it's not entirely on big tech. Because those companies are only as powerful as the people using their stuff allow them to be. Same as with politicians who don't properly do their jobs--and keep firmly in mind that those jobs affect everyone, not just the people who voted for them--after taking office.

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        Have you been following the stuff on email servers posted recently here? The tier 1 providers aren't letting any little guys in, the days of the common man growing a site into their ranks is over. We have to hold big tech accountable for upholding the rule and laws of the US, including protecting the rights of its citizens. They aren't simply private business anymore, they control what is now a vital service like electricity or water.

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        Not to mention, there is now direct proof that social media regularly coordinates with government agencies to block wrongthink. During the freedom convoy in Canada, many videos and groups got deleted for unknown reasons. They aren't "just private companies" anymore when they collude with power structures. It's textbook fascism.

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        The fascists wanted to put a stop to all of this.

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        I just....don't understand anymore, that's so frustrating.😮‍💨

        Fucking trannies.

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        Kiwifarms is a great site. There are idiots there, but also high quality posting with rare insight. That the system would seek to strip this bastion of sanity from us is extremely resented.

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        And most importantly, it shows the real actions of various tranny (or not) creeps.

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        Yes. It draws attention to and discusses stuff they post publicly.

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        On KF I saw lots of intelligent, well-educated people posting, from political scientists to research psychologists. The way KF was set up ensured that every post would be original and high-effort and that you wouldn't have to wade through lots of people saying the same thing like you would on Twitter.

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          Source: Trust me bro

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          Perhaps your experience is different to mine. It seems like the content of the site varies a lot between threads. If you read threads with interesting topics, it's really good. For a combination of humour and insight, nothing really beats it.

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          Fark is dead. Troon mods run the place and censor wrongthink. They even delete posts that point out that "puberty blockers" are not fully reversible.

          The No Sacred Cows snark is gone. It's been replaced by performative outrage and virtue signaling.

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          I saw a tweet pointing out the media hit job is likely down to half the journalists having their own shit archived on KF. They really should have to report that as a potential conflict of interest in their articles

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          There's something fishy cause Keffals afaik shouldn't have the kind of clout they obviously do. I'd never even heard of the guy before all this.

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          Keffals is known for buying likes, botted followers, and accounts. Keffals cheated his way up to the top, and he has created an army of sycophants because of how disruptive and vicious he is to his detractors.

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          He's just being used to beat down on people the woke don't like. Any TRA attacked in the same way (not that it really happened ) would have been used in the same way at this moment in time.

          There's been a huge backlash against the nonsense that trans people are under attack, or even somehow being genocided, so even a little crumb of an actual threat is jumped on like it's the worst thing that's ever happened.

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          His streams don't even get that many viewers as far as I'm aware, certainly towards the lower end of breadtubers. This is mostly because keffals is woefully politically ignorant and has a knack for alienating anyone who may be willing to cooperate with him

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          Taylor Lorenz has been heavily involved with reporting this story hasn’t she? Can’t see why she would have motive for painting KF in a certain light! It’s not like they have all her receipts.

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          Daaamn, I'm already missing Kiwifarms.😢

          Does anybody knows similar forums/sites?

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          I took this from a post on KF, not familiar with the sites:

          There is onion farms a log /cow/ 8kun/cow/ snowlol cow something the one you mentioned called PULL and those are just the few I can name off the top of my head and thats not even accounting for all the youtube media exposure Lucas has already received from people like null and metokur.

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          Thank you for suggestions, mate

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            Thank you, will check it out

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   though they tend to focus more on people actually in the public eye. Honestly if Jack Monroe counts, I should think they could start a keffals thread there too. I don't think keffals quite realises that all the receipts are still out there. You can try to restrict the flow of information, you can't actually get rid of the information once it's out there

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            Tattle for social media whores.

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   Would be a good start.

            http://uquusqsaaad66cvub4473csdu4uu7ahxou3zqc35fpw5d4ificedzyqd.onion/ if you need it.

   to know what works in the future.

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            Oooh damn 🤓

            Thank you very much!

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            Someone's probably trying to kill the guy. These lunatics will be the next Cheka/NKVD. It will be them who roots us from our homes/jobs and kills us or makes up whatever they want to use an excuse for destruction.

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            Nah, these cunts are like the Stasi’s informants using the despotic security apparatus of the state to settle scores because they’re too fucking cowardly to do anything for themselves.

            A friend of mine grew up in East Germany at the end of the Cold War and her stories of how even parents had to watch what they said in front of their own children because literally anyone could be an informer is fucking chilling. I lost contact with her in 1996, but anytime I think about those stories my blood runs cold. Those videos from LibsofTikTok where teachers are telling kids to keep secrets from their parents reminds me of her stories.

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            Truly interesting, thanks for the insight. I felt like it was something like that.

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              lmao...burn the witches!

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              This is just disillusioning and he's right. I never went to kiwifarns but that this is something that is systematised is seriously scary.

              Was there anything "problematic" about the discourse on there beyond making fun of people? I mean in terms of free speech etc.

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              The doxxing imo is problematic even though it's not illegal, although on the other hand, these aren't great people they're focused on and I can see how it would be in the public interest to shed light on what's happening, like Keffals facilitating the supply of bathtub batches of hormones to children. That's a felony and nobody seems to care who is in a position to do anything about it.

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              That's a felony and nobody seems to care who is in a position to do anything about it.

              And I'm sure it's just a coincidence that keffals has fled to a country that doesn't have a bilateral extradition treaty with Canada

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              I think he's just using this as an excuse to use the gofundme money for some legal defense that didn't end up being needed to take a vacation in Ireland, and shut down some of his most vocal critics. Two birds with one stone.

              I doubt Canadian leadership being what it is these days would ever pursue a tranny for the mere crime of "helping" a "marginalized minority" of white boys who wanna be girls.

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              Northern Ireland though. Of all the places you could choose to go in the world, you go to Northern Ireland? Not even regular Ireland, Ireland with an extra helping of kneecappings

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              Looks like it was for a meetup with someone he met online.

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              Here's the worst that Kiwi Farms will do to you. It will screen cap your twitter and download any video feed you'll put up on the internet. Then they will make a thread about it with all the media embeded in the OP and throw less that savoury chode opinions about it. Unless you go out of your way to that website, it's likely you wont ever find out you had a post there to begin with.

              That's it. That's the great evil of Kiwi Farms. Talking shit behind your back.

              No, any post with even a hint of glowing gets instantly reported and deleted within an hour. Much like the very post that got them off Cloudflare to begin with. It was a post made by a sleeper account that wasn't active for 2 years which then they deleted themselves after 15 minutes. Funilly enough the very post got screencapped on twitter within 2 minutes after it was posted. If there is any glowie effort on Kiwi Farms then it comes from Keffals side, not Null.

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              That tells me that a process was already in place to get them gone. I just can't figure out the reason. Like, are the glowies all about trans ideology now? Or can a single person really just do this bc rage?

              Like, what gives? Is it a political risk to have a lolcow forum where people shitpost?

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              Keffals might be involved in something that would put him in jail if it were found out. If that weren't the case he wouldn't run from Canada to a country that doesn't have extradition treaty with it.

              What amazes me is the 3 front operation to keep KF down.

              1) Constant DDoSing.

              2) Constant email harassment of the anti-DDoS company.

              3) Constant glowie posts that get screencapped and instantly posted on twitter.

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              Yeah the last part is what puzzles me. So some glowie is doing this but why? Because it might be place to post unsavoury leaks like the Hunter laptop or something?

              Keffals being unsavoury wouldn't surprise anyone at all I reckon. Didn't he give hormones to kids?

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              Pretty much yeah. Kiwi Farms is one of few places left on the internet where you can post incriminating information about anyone. Hell has no fury like narcissist's rage who throws everything at a thing that set them off. Kiwi Farms is to Keffals what Trump Derangement Syndrome is to Democrats.

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              Easy to use guide to access Tor:

              1. Use the Brave browser --
              2. Open a new Tor tab through Alt+Shift+N
              3. Navigate to http://uquusqsaaad66cvub4473csdu4uu7ahxou3zqc35fpw5d4ificedzyqd.onion/

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              Brave has built-in Tor now huh? That's actually kind of neat.

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              Thanks for posting that. Brave doesn't have support on their mobile app, just fyi, but there's a Tor browser on the app store.