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When did the brain become the end all be all organ that determines someones sex/gender?Seriously,this is legit telling someone that hears voices in their head that its real because your brain is telling you that they are.

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They only have a mystical conception of the brain, it's synonymous with "soul" for them. This trans garbage is literally a return to mind-body dualism.

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The entire premise of transgenderism appears to be built on a triad of fundamentally ridiculous philosophical propositions.

  1. That, as you suggest, there exists some kind of gendered soul that can be placed in a body meant for a soul with the opposite gender.

  2. That this soul mismatch causes one to experience feelings of being the opposite gender to their sex.

  3. The only acceptable remedy to the mismatch is to demand everyone else lie about reality.

In every other field of human endeavour, outside religion, the burden of proof lies on those making the claim, we don’t have to accept any claim without evidence, but transgenderism seems to have been given a completely free pass. They have failed to demonstrate that their feelings of being the wrong sex are anything other than delusional. The biggest problem for me, other than the gendered soul problem, is that how does one know what a woman feels like when you were born male (and vice versa), it strikes me as a being an absolute impossibility and therefore something that would bear a heavy burden for evidence. They have failed to demonstrate that affirming their delusion (making everyone else lie) is actually the only/best remedy.

The fact that otherwise intelligent people, who would in every other situation express scepticism, accept that not only is the proposition that there can be a mismatch between body and gendered soul and that one can know the contents of other minds but that they must also lie about reality, is a fucking mystery to me.

When this fad passes, we should not allow those who were useful idiots nor those who actively collaborated in the mutilation of children, whether it be by praising the parents of “trans kids”, pushing for it in schools or arguing in favour of it in the media, to slink off and disappear into the crowd, they should be reminded every step of the way of their treacherous behaviour. There should be no forgiveness for those who stood by and let kids be mutilated.

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to slink off and disappear into the crowd

They will, and they will succeed, with perhaps a few exceptions. I'm not out for a pound of flesh... And I have no expectations for justice... it was left behind, long ago. They would not have started down this path if they knew the eventuality that awaited their ideology. The damage can't be undone.

Best we can do is learn from this moment. Document it; as a warning to those that will follow. It's not much different than any other halcyon future anyone else has tried to usher in.

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Ask a sane woman what being a woman feels like and she’ll look at you like you’re asking her to describe the colour blue to a blind person. There’s no feeling about being a man or woman, it’s a state of being a human with a male or female body respectively. Beginning and end.

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how does one know what a woman feels like when you were born male (and vice versa), it strikes me as a being an absolute impossibility

It is an impossibility. For one to be able to make such a claim they would need to be able to form a comparison between what it feels like to be a man vs. what it feels like to be a woman, and of course there is no possible frame of reference that exists to make that comparison as we each only have one body.

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When biology directly opposed their trans-ideology cult push. They had to play mental gymnastics to find a way to push trans-ideology to make it a thing. If you follow the rabbit hole, you'll see the bullshit it entails.

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When it became obvious that nobody is buying the line that tits and a front hole are all it takes to be a bio-woman

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"Is that why I started suddenly having emotional issues around the time puberty starts?"

Emotional confusion at a time of raging hormones is a pretty universal experience for all people, surely? It's gross this has been co-opted as evidence for being trans.

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If he had decent parents, teachers, really any sort of sane guidance in his life, he would know that.

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This is so fucking sad. Every kid feels confused and has crazy emotions during puberty. These psychos are convincing kids to mutilate themselves based on their normal experiences. It's fucking sick.

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Only women feel emotions you sexist monster!

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It's not normal for those feelings to persist after puberty.

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Male and female bodies produce both estrogen and testosterone, but in different quantities, obviously.

And why is the brain 'biological' but the body isn't? Make it make sense.

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Hormonal imbalances are certainly real and probably play a huge role in disphoria. I'm just not sure why the general line of thinking isn't to try giving people hormones that match their sex rather than giving them hormones for the opposite sex.

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It doesn't work for the same reason trying to change the body with hormones doesn't work. Because it can only make surface-level changes, anything that's already grown will not change. Sometimes it can work for young boys, and usually that's by puberty happening naturally. But otherwise not much can be done.

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Fun fact, a 60 year old man has far more estrogen in his body than a 60 year old woman.

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But testosterone is a 1929495960287161749503x stronger hormone than estrogen, so it probably doesn't matter. This is why men change so much during puberty and women don't have to deal with every aspect of them changing, just a few things. And why transition largely works for female-to-male but not the other way around.

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Are you serious?

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Man, I wanted to make some witty remark once again, but then I realized that I became too tired of their bullshit to the point I can't come up with anything original. I just want a normal world.

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That guy's being brainwashed.

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Lmfao it literally doesn’t exist. Just Google the term. One of the top results will literally be r/MtF with a train straight up saying it’s a made up buzzword.

But nah, we’re the science deniers.

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Biochemical dysphoria

These mfs are using sciency words to advance their ideology, like putting “quantum” in front of everything.

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fanfiction science for people who thought biology class was too hard