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Pretty much.

I recommend you watch the Disaffected podcast which covers this stuff quite well.

It's been found that across cultures people will tend to see women as the victims and men as the aggressor no matter the situation. People don't want to switch on their brains and deal with individual events and rather rely on generalisations.

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This is a really sad state of affairs. If a woman picks a fight with you, and you defend yourself, you can expect a group of simps to get up in your face.

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Even as a woman I have that problem.

I've had a woman start with me and then had her 6 foot odd boyfriend leering over me because he's got to defend his lady.

Those women are dangerous.

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Those women are dangerous, but not as dangerous as the simps. We need to deal with the simps.

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Yep, a simp is literally stupid enough to beat up 5 women to show he is standing up for women.

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Simps do this shit thinking it will help them get laid. And some think they will get praise for being "such a good boy".

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Or often they know their life won't be worth living if they don't do something to show loyalty.

See Will Smith.

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And Jada Smith threw Will Smith under the bus after the slap. He never should have married that woman.

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Ugh, don't use the disgusting incel language.

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Girl fight! 🍿 Some of us know to not stop it, but simply sit back and enjoy. Can I get you two lovely ladies a mud pit or tub of ky jelly?


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When you have a simp towering over you, threatening to kick your head in, come back to me and talk about the correct language for such scum.

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I wouldn't have to, if anyone fucked with me my boyfriend would tower over them. :)

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It's also because women have 2398657958169786597862397861276439875263789153 times more biological value than men. It's a lot safer to accidentally punish an innocent man, but disposing of even the most guilty woman can risk decimating your population, so they tend to be let off the hook.

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That's not what happens in practice in the Islamic world and India though.

On an individual level people have sympathy for women but in many places at a community level women are more often scapegoated for things which aren't their fault, like being raped or even just lusted over by the wrong person. Maybe because they are less likely to be able to stand up for themselves.

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It explains why simps simp for younger women while they ignore older women, except for their wives.

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I have no empathy for anyone who murders children. Especially people who even attempt to murder their own children. Anybody who thinks you should "show empathy" for a woman who tried to harm her own child is a disgusting piece of shit.

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Brutal honesty here- the kind of people who think abortion should be legal and openly practiced are so morally retarded that they cannot, in their heart of hearts, empathize with or condemn what happened to you. They project this moral decrepitude on the rest of us, and that's what you noticed and called bullshit on.

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You're not brutally honest, you're brutally retarded if you honestly think that.

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tips fedora

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I've always said that it's always the children who pay the price. In one way or another.

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Children are the vessels into which adults pour their poison.

Salman Rushdie, Midnight's Children

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So sorry you had to go through that.

It's weird how these murderous women never consider adoption or even leaving the baby at a hospital or other safe haven. There are ways out even after having the kid.

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It's in our instincts to always defend women no matter what. Someone I know is currently in serious trouble over a blatantly false accusation of sexual harassment by a girl who is apparently a psychopath, but the mob is taking her word for it and shutting out anyone who tries to speak up. These days it's guilty until proven innocent for most crimes, and that's especially true of allegations against men of sexually abusing a woman. Our instincts recognize that it's safer to accidentally defend a guilty woman and punish an innocent man because women hold 100000000000000x more value than men biologically. And the current wave of female-supremacist feminism isn't making matters any better. This is why women can get away with a slap on the wrist for extreme crimes, such as literally having sex with minors, and people will defend her and try to cover it up.

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You're going to be stuck forever identifying as a victim.

Don't be miserable for what you don't have or resentful for what was, be grateful for what you do have.