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Whatever happened to "trust but verify"? There's a world of difference between assuming that EVERY alleged rape victim is making it up and that EVERY alleged rape victim is telling the absolute truth. Of course you don't want to immediately dismiss someone that says they've been raped, but I don't think it's wrong to ask for some kind of evidence, especially if you're about to ruin someone else's life and reputation over those accusations.

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There's not usually a way to prove someone was raped is the issue. It's often one person's word against another unless it was violent, and even then it can be argued that even that was consensual. Then you gotta look at her character and her sex life, in court, to see if a consensual encounter would be likely. It's traumatic for a genuine victim.

But obviously we can't just throw men in prison and ruin their lives because people lie, and people remember things wrong, particularly with drugs and alcohol, but also with head injuries and even just time.

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Honestly, that's why more needs to be said that there's a difference between Not Guilty and Exonerated.

Not Guilty means "maybe he did it, maybe he didn't, but it's too close to call and we can't prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he unfortunately, he goes free...but that DOESN'T MEAN the victim lied, just we can't prove it conclusively."

Exonerated means "He didn't do it. We can prove conclusively he could not possibly have done this. Let it be said by this court, and spread throughout the land, this person is 100% innocent, he did not do it, and if anyone tells you that he did do it they are 100% a liar!"

In a rape case, that difference is VERY IMPORTANT.

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Trust but verify? That sounds like something a WITCH would say! WITCH! He's a witch! BURN THE WITCH!

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ALWAYS @ these people and ask them who is Juanita Broaddrick.

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    The horrible thing is, there are people who would happily consider that boy an acceptable casualty for the greater "believe" narrative, until they learned he was black. At that point, they'd backpedal hard enough to briefly alter the Earth's rotation.

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    His father was executed by the US Army during WW2 for similar crimes. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

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    Well that's convenient because Nicole there raped me. Take her away.

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    Nicole [REDACTED] raped me

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    Did she stick your [REDACTED] into her [REDACTED], Amazon-style? Or maybe she used a [REDACTED] shoved inside your [REDACTED] to get your [REDACTED] to squirt all over her [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED]?

    Remember, when accusing Nicole [REDACTED] of rape, you need details!

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    She shoved a [REDACTED] up my [REDACTED], what more details do you need? #BelieveAllWomen, did you forget?

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    Ouch, your poor, abused [REDACTED].

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    Hey, don't you dare call me [REDACTED], you [REDACTED] [REDACTED]!

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    Can confirm; [REDACTED] was the [REDACTED].

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    Thanks, Lying Spirit 472

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    Believe that you feel you were raped, sure, I will believe that you think you were raped with out proof.

    Will I believe the accused ACTUALLY raped you? No, not until you present evidence. That is what we call a fair trial and innocent until PROVEN guilty.

    Stop weaponizing rape.

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    Oh hey isn't that a picture of the mentally disabled man accused of rape. Who was executed even after it came out that he wasn't the rapist and the woman lied?

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    It's been a few years, but I don't remember the guy in To Kill A Mockingbird as mentally handicapped.

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    As a rape survivor I think that we should believe anyone who says “I was raped” and support them, but if they say “XYZ raped me” that person should be treated as innocent until proven guilty.

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    Well as a personal position its both credulous and asinine and fucking retarded, but you do you.

    As a legal position or one to be acted on? Then go confess and take your punishment as you raped me...

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    The Central Park Five would like a word ...