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You can put an incel in a really pretty dress that goes spinny and everything, but they're still an incel.

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Because straight men (much like gay women) are the ultimate validation of their personal reality. It's proving to the entire world (but to themselves especially) that they're real women, not just a make-believe approximation Frankensteined into shape by a nightmarish combination of drugs, surgical mutilation, and extreme denial of facts.

But heterosexual men are heterosexual because they don't want to have sex with other men, and if you were born with a penis? You're a man, and therefore not part of a heterosexual man's dating pool, even if some doctor later did some knifework on it.

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Anecdotal point to add. Knew a gay guy who later became MtF. Person was one of the better minded people as far as attitude and could joke around. Knew how bad the surgery was and had no intention of getting it. We were on friendly terms.

Then one day I said "her" boyfriend wasn't straight. Person lost their shit on me and demanding i apologize. I said i wouldn't bring it up anymore but they kept insisting I say out loud that the boyfriend was straight. I said the best I'll say is he is pansexual but I think that somehow made it worse.

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    internalised homophobia

    Yes. That’s exactly what it is. It’s essentially conversion therapy with extra steps down a different path. And much like the conventional conversion therapy, it doesn’t work. Except that liberals want you to pretend that it works.

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    With how the gay male community can act, I kinda don't blame them for not wanting to be associated, though.

    Man, that sucks.

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    A lot of mtfs are deeply homophobic.

    They really don't want to believe the guys who have sex with them are gay and like them because they aren't women.

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    Of course a lot of them are deeply homophobic. Why else did they transition?

    Sure, some gay MTFs are homophobic. Like Blaire White, who probably just wanted to be a woman so badly and knows that his partner is bi. But I’ve heard stories of MTFs being hostile towards male homosexuality.

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    People confident in their sexuality don't care what other people think of them.

    People insist I'm gay a lot. Or they imply it. It bothers me about as much as someone getting my name wrong, which is not at all, unless it's on flight tickets or some paperwork where it's a headache to fix. But seriously I don't really care if you think I don't hit on girls enough so that I must be gay. You can keep on thinking that and I'll keep on watching you fail to pick up the girls. I'm not going to air my own escapades for the world to see. You think women prefer to sleep with someone who keeps things on the DL or someone who will boast about it?

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    Your friend does not want to admit that all this effort was for nothing. He might also be biphobic.

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    I'm going to be honest but the T needs to be drop because if the T is the hill that gay people are willing to die on by making it seem like they're really women and harass straight men for not giving trans people a consideration for dating then they're showing they are hypocrites.

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    I have actually seen a lot of gays and lesbians criticize the T's, even on this very same saidit. s/LGBDroptheT had a lot of them before it went private.

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    I'm in the private sub. I don't know what proportion of LGB are DropTheT, but it's smaller than I would like.

    This is not the hill I want to die on and I feel like trans people are dragging me there to do exactly that.

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    With any consolation, those numbers should grow as more kids de-transition, and word spreads.

    Don't let it bring you down, take a vacation from social media if need be, the T is way more quiet off the internet than in it.

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    I'm in the privated sub and I'm happy to say that there's something in the works for the Drop The T movement.

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    I thought it was dead?! Well I'm glad to hear it, keep up the good work!

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    Lesbians are getting bullied into dating trans women. And now there are demands from trans men that gay men date them. I bet a lot of pro trans gay people didn’t think this would happen. And some of those gay people actually support shaming homosexuals who won’t date transgenders.

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    Crazy shit. I don't feel like it's discrimination to not be attracted to them, some are some aren't. I can't control what gets my dick up; if there's a mole in the wrong place it's a turnoff, let alone surgery scars, build, scent and the like.

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    Exactly. You have a sexual orientation which must be respected. You also have sexual preferences, which have to be respected as well. I don’t date transgender people. I also don’t date men with long or medium hair.

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    And some of those gay people actually support shaming homosexuals who won’t date transgenders.

    Of course they do: they know there's zero pressure for FtMs or MtFs to date other trans people.

    Even so, most of of them wouldn't do it.

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    Like Owen Jones, a liberal gay man who shamed lesbians for being "transphobic". When asked why doesn't he date transmen, he got incredibly butthurt about it.

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    Their ideology never made sense to begin with. People just went along because "muh feels". It's full of logical contradictions and of course they're not going to admit any of it because their ideology has roots in postmodernism and relative morality. They argue from subjective experience and the winner is decided based on their inverted hierarchy of victimhood.

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    "What is a woman?"

    This simple question reveals the incoherence of the ideology. Which is why it must never be asked, and why they so heavily engage in censorship. They're vulnerable, and they know it. Hammer them hard.

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    I dunno why. They think that transgender people would never turn on us. Then all of a sudden, they did.

    First, you have straight men calling themselves trans women. And those men demand that lesbians have sex with them in order to validate their delusions. And now most LGBT activists are shaming lesbians who reject trans women.

    Next, straight women began identifying as men, and are seeking validation from gay men. Despite efforts from gender cultists to punish gay men who turn down TIFs, TIFs have been unsuccessful.

    Finally, a lot of gay people in same sex relationships have come out as trans. Not only do they insist on their gay partners staying with them, they also insist that their gay partners start calling themselves bisexual, or even straight. Needless to say, all that simping gay people have done for transgenders has backfired on us. Deservedly so, by my own admission.

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    They're mad because they got told women get a lot of sex easily so 'became' one. Now they're realising that no one wants that mess and on top of that no one is gonna touch them ever with what they're done.

    That and their terrible personality. No one wants to deal with that. Mad rapey sex demanding vibes.

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    they got told women get a lot of sex easily

    Where the hell does this crap even come from? How do these dudes develop this kind of delusion?

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    They see attractive women on dates with people that aren't them and get jealous.

    Tbh it's just them hating women coming out in another way. That and they're pornsick. They really need to lay off the porn.

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    Woke misogyny! Funny, considering how these postmodern leftists throw that word around when they're the ones actually perpetuating it.

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    Porn and mental illness. They're vulnerable mentally, and go deep into the fantasy of imagining themselves as women. There's also an abuse angle too, developing a lack of self acceptance/hatred.

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    it's a mental illness. When you remember that, all that nonsense comes into focus.

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    Today I sexually identify as a web browser. Let's do obscene things in private tabs the world mustn't learn of.

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    The narcissism and the entitlement is everything with this crowd. They just can't get it through their delusional brains that they're male-bodied people. Their religious belief that they are really women means by definition that their fellow males who like women then should like tranny girls. Lgbtbbq is a cult.

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    Lgbtbbq is a cult.

    Nailed it.

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    Tq+ is for sure. Gays want none of this shit beyond live and let live.

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    Definitely depends on the gay. Plenty of them are on board with this shit.

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    Lol, the gays got a bill pushed through in California legalizing homosexual relationships with kids as young as 13.

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    That sounds retarded but I won't doubt it.

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    California legalizing homosexual relationships with kids

    They're legalizing sex or relationships?

    Because if it is the former, then it's relevant to point out that there's no current law in California preventing grown ass men to marry underaged girls.

    I see no reason to treat two 13 year boys/girls dating each other as criminals.

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    In their mind, they're not being hypocritical. They have no problem with double standards. Once you've accepted the idea that having two standards for two groups of people is an ok thing, it's really easy to justify everything else.

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    This is the correct answer. They reject liberalism, which is the idea that everyone is the same. People are different based on their identity groups, and there is no way that identity groups should be treated equally. Of course this is a recipe to destroy western civilization, but you think they don't know that? That's the whole idea.

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    Yeah good luck with that. They may bully insecure teenage lesbians who rely on their social circle and fear losing their support over not wanting to suck dick. That's not going to work with straight guys.

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    Because these people are incels. Or well, what the internet calls incells. Actually they are able to change their celibacy status so there's nothing involuntary about it, they just choose to be shitty people nobody wants to sleep with. That's the problem both before and after transition. Just the transition adds even more baggage that further limits their dating pool.

    Anyone going about dating with a "you must date me or else you are a bad person" attitude is not going to get dates. Simple as that. Before transition it's shit like "those assholes care too much about appearance" "those assholes are so selfish they only care about themselves" to deflect away from their own problems of poor hygiene and unrecognized and untreated borderline personality disorders.

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    It got into this whole debate whether or not people should love someone for who they are and ignore their gender.

    Hate to break it to them, but someone's gender IS part of who they are. How the hell you gonna ignore that.

    yet they insist that straight men must at least take trans women into consideration when it comes to dating?

    1.) Obviously because it's the responsibility of everyone else to a f f i r m their gender!

    2.) Also, rules for me but not for thee seems to be one of the many mantras of this ideology.

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    Most straight men don't give a fuck about what these actvists say.

    The "straight" men who fuck MtFs aren't taken seriously by anyone, at best being considered to be closet cases (as they commonly truly are).

    Why do gays insist that they're born that way and can't change yet they insist that straight men must at least take trans women into consideration when it comes to dating?

    I believe you're refering to HSTS here, as most gay men don't give a shit if straights fuck MtFs or not.

    This is a transactivist thing.

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    Honestly,the "Straight" men who fuck MtFs i have to question if they are either secretly gay with extra steps or if they are just that desperate that they'll screw anyone cause i don't think a "straight" male trans activist would screw that with a 100 inch pole.

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    They're chasers, or in other words, men with a futa fetish.

    Also, most chasers also go after "standard" males behind the curtains, not only MtFs.

    Because of this, It would be more accurate to describe them as bisexual.

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    trannys are kinda hot tho

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    Like the other guy said, femboys can be nice. Most look like Tolkien's goblins in the flesh.

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    I'm partial to passing femboys myself.

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    this guy gets it