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Ask yourself: why did you contribute to TIA? Was it to call out the craziness for what it is? Or was it to have lots of posts with lots of upvotes?

Vindication, mostly.

Back when I started on TiA, I saw a lot of folks attacking social justice, but not enough of them seemed to be attacking it from the left, or from the point of view of someone who wants social justice but without the insanity.

As someone who still held onto some SJW and lefty beliefs, I wanted to be able to represent this viewpoint in discussions, and receive some kind of proof that this was an acceptable point of view to have. So it meant a lot to me that someone – a complete stranger – would click the button to indicate they agree. Beyond that, it didn't really matter if my posts/comments got 2 upvotes or 200. If anything, I found it quite embarrassing to get hundreds of upvotes for something.

These days, I'm not as left-wing as I used to be, but I've become a bit more confident in my beliefs. Still, I can't help but feel even more alone with said beliefs than I ever was before. After all, it's not as if I can discuss these things offline with people.