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The post 9-11, robust truthism movement that contributed their spare time to share and examine information on internet forums has been infiltrated, corrupted and censored out of existance by paid government agents and big tech.

Everyone who tries to participate in such internet communities today soon finds out all they are contributing their time to a brick wall of censorship that ensures there is only a bare minimum of community interaction. I don't know how they are doing it exactly but it is definately is based on some kind of complex shadowbanning algorithm that replaces community interaction with with bots and government agents. Are they using man in the middle severs to redirect posts and replies to an alternate, fake community?

Also I think it is very noticable how so many of those today that claim to be truthers rarely if ever interact with the users and followers that post comments in response to their posts. It is as if the purpose is to preach a narrative, but not to discuss it. That is not the behaviour of truthers. That is the behaviour of propagandists and is very prevalent in the anti-vaccine community that are currently working to blame all the previously known effects of infection by sars-cov-2 on the vaccines.

I think if there are any real truthers left out there today, they are fighting against an army of thousands of paid propagandists and bots that masquerade as a truth community and that uses a library of previously prepared false narratives to discredit and ridicule anyone who does figure out the real truth about anything.

I see all of this when I try to discuss the 2019 vaping illness lie. I mean, plain common sense should be saying there is just no way two brand new diseases with identical symptoms happened at the same time in the U.S. in 2019. It is just preposterous to claim they did. One new disease is something very out of the ordinary. Two new ones at the same time in the same place is unheard of. It never happens. Two at the same time with identical symptoms? Preposterous.

Everyone should be seeing, obviously one of them was a lie and that the lie was vaping illness. The reason it had identical symptoms to covid is because it WAS covid and this is all because the covid outbreak had already started spreading here in the US in the summer of 2019 if not before. How long it had actually been spreading before the CDC decided to cover it up by blaming vaping is anyone's guess but it had to be at least as early as June 2019 when it started, probably during the known breaches of containment at Fauci's NIAID bio-research facilities at Ft Detrick.

So why is there no truth movement to discuss this? The biggest crime against humanity since 9-11 and yet there is nothing in response. No one is seeing it has been about blameshifting since the beginning. First they blamed it on vaping. Then they blamed it on China. Now they are trying to blame it on the vaccines. Why the vaccines? Because they are liability exempt.

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All of that is insightful food for thought.

Adding to what you've said, many truthers are more like preachers, intolerant of other ideas outside their own. And they often don't have the patience or inclination to deal with individuals.

Myself, I don't have interest in debating the minutia of this or that conspiracy either. More importantly in my mind is to present new concepts, terminology, and implant questions in normies to delve deeper for themselves. That why I said, "The book will be an introductory pre-conspiracy primer for folks of all ages, to inspire skepticism and curiosity, before they even delve into rabbit holes." Unfortunately most folks wouldn't recognize propaganda, or tyranny if it sat on their face like a mask.

Not sure I buy the idea of blame-shifting. The dangers of COVID were over-hyped and vaccines under-hyped - intentionally, by the full spectrum dominant corporatocracy.

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Not sure I buy the idea of blame-shifting. The dangers of COVID were over-hyped and vaccines under-hyped -

... You'll see. They massively UNDER hyped the virus by focusing everyones attention on the respiratory symptoms. They even gave those respiratory symptoms their own name (covid).

What they played down was the fact those respiratory symptoms were just the tip of the iceberg. They were the visible symptoms of an out of control inflammatory response to what the virus was really doing and what it was really doing was a massive infection of every major system in the human body including the immune system itself, the cardio vascular system, the central nervous system including the brain, the gastro intestinal system, the kidneys and the liver. The virus survivrs that inflammatiry response by going latent until it is reactivated repeatedly by other infections. This is why people are getting it 2, 3, 4 times and they will keep getting it because they are relapses like herpes outbreaks. Except sars-cov-2 relapses are causing cummulative damage. You wait and see if by 2025 people are not dropping like flies with major organ failure and when they do, they will be blaming it all on the vaccines.

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Okay, if that's true, then people are fucked regardless. We've already seen countless ways the vaccines are harming people, also cumulatively, so compound fucked plus vaxxed and you've got double fucked twice as fast.

Same story: humanity is fucked, by the ruling class, intentionally, in every way possible. They have engineered the food crises, economic collapse and inflation via retarded tyrannical lockdowns, and whatever this health crisis is. Add to that social chaos via critical race, critical gender, critical censorship, critical war, etc etc etc. The manufactured Great Reset is Ordo Ab Chao. Our best hope is to build our own fair resilient alternative orders from their chaos.

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Call it Bittersweet Seeds or Troof Bong

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Bittersweet Seeds is already a thing.

With the appropriate content Troof Bong could be a good sub-section, though it might be better left out of a book for all ages, including kids.

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What do you think of "Critical Pre-Conspiracy Theory Primer" or "Critical Pre-Conspiracy Theory 101: Dire Warnings Of Existential Threats To Humanity" for this book of irrefutable terms and concepts that all come before diving in any endlessly debatable rabbit holes? (Or these terms and concepts can be picked up along the way.)

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If kids are part of the target audience, this is probably too wordy and too biased towards conspiracy theorists. It should be more neutral and simple. "Critical thinking in the disinformation age".

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That's perfect! It avoids "conspiracy" and is much more open-ended to be whatever the content evolves into.

Or maybe?: " Critical Thinking To Navigate The Age Of Big Lies "

Folks here are keen. I'm getting way more excited too.

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Tossing and turning unable to sleep, I'm playing it over and wonder if there's still room for improvement. I was close to listing all this before, but not only wanted to not burden you with a wall of text, but also didn't want to diminish the huge leap forward of this new direction you provide. Yet, here I am now.

First I thought shorter:
Critical Thinking In The Disinfo Age

Then I thought simpler, and that they're always lying:
Critical Thinking In The Age Of Big Lies

Then I thought it needs more urgency, caution, and danger:
Critical Thinking To Survive The Age Of Big Lies

Then I thought that this isn't a survival guide and there's no guarantees anyone will survive:
Critical Thinking To Survive The Age Of Big Lies

So that's when I landed on:
Critical Thinking To Navigate The Age Of Big Lies

I don't think it's scary enough. I also have a lot of words I could add, but want to keep it short. This is much trickier that you'd think, akin to trying to write a good screenplay rather than a novel.

I was punning off the insane "critical race/gender/clownworld theories" and I hadn't even considered "critical thinking", but really that's really what I'm going for, to front-load folks before they get to conspiracies. Nailing it down like that is really good to help steer the content development when trying to explain what it is and is not. It also provides the thematic context and overarching perspective (aka a voice) from which some of the terminology will be presented.

What do you think of:
Critical Thinking To Help Us Survive This Age Of Big Dangerous Lies

I'm also wondering if I should do two versions. One that does not attack anything specifically (ie. vaccines, lockdowns, authorities, 9/11, conspiracies, etc.), and another one that is as merciless and hard hitting as I can rationally, logically, ethically get, perhaps under another title. Ideally the images would be mostly the same, but the accompanying explanatory paragraph may be different.

Also, I just realized. Duh.
We'll need a sixth section:
Alternatives & Solutions.

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