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All Truther Top 20s content, discussions, posts, comments, and images are free and open source like SaidIt, however note, though forks may come or go, Glossed And Profound will always be the official original source.

TT20 - Wiki

This wiki page, for now, will be a scratch pad to draft up ideas and future content to share, etc.

The sub and wiki are unrestricted and free to use. Editing on InfoGalactic would require registering for an account there.

All Truther Top 20s content, discussions, posts, comments, and images are free and open source like SaidIt, however note, though forks may come or go, Glossed And Profound will always be the official original source.

Additionally, this TT20 wiki hosts the...

"Truther Newbie Crash Course", aka TNCC, formerly started in these comments: Level 1, Level 1b, Level 2, Level 3, and eventually InfoGalactic TNCC.

TT20 - Sidebar

Quick Reference Talking Points On Serious Matters

Truther Top 20s is an open discussion and wiki-list series for quick references and talking points on serious matters regarding our world's corrupted political landscape and rewritten history.

The simple truth is hard to deny.

Just as T101 will support the deeper ideas in BsS, so too, TT20 will back up the ideas of T101 with citations for those curious seeking more answers and good research.

TT20 - Summary

Too much good information is drowned in disinformation, misinformation, and random information intentionally mixed into a confusing disorganized mess without contextual clarity. This subsaidit is for transparently developing, summarizing, and simplifying core fundamentals here into curated essential bullet points to help newbies and pros alike.

These summary lists of bullet points can be openly editable in this channel's wiki in a basic form and with deeper context and hyperlinks on the freely editable uncensored InfoGalactic wiki. The InfoGalactic wiki can further list the pros and cons, weaknesses and strengths, contradictions, counter-positions, and deeper levels, with citations and references, to further back up any statement, or to call out why it's invalid, where it has flaws, or how it requires further support.

Please feel free to:

  • Please post your "Truther Top 20s : [topic title]" with a link to a good iconic clear representative image for your topic. Do not create new posts on existing topics, though please discuss it if you feel a fork is required. Other videos, images, links, etc. may be linked later in the comment discussions, and/or InfoGalactic may host images but sadly they fail occasionally. Emulate the "9/11" thread.
  • Comment and discuss as you see fit.
  • Add links in comments to internal SaidIt or external sites related to the topic.
  • Edit the Truther Top 20s basic wiki here on SaidIt.
  • Edit the Truther Top 20s deeper wiki on InfoGalactic : TT20 on InfoGalactic.

We all can curate and manually keep these lists somewhat cross-synchronized and updated.

This is a long-term project that may take years to become substantial, but there's no time like now to contribute.

Thanks for participating.

The opposite of a truther is a ...

TT20 - Overview

This overview list includes potential titles of posts that are also major task goals, information, creative content, etc. These will be text posts with content that may be updated, refined, and linked here as things develop.

TT20 - To Do List

  • revisit and finesse
  • make "Truther Top 20s: Content Overview"
  • finish extant wiki pages on InfoGalactic
  • add images, notes, commentary, citations, etc.

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