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This is great, you should add the toxic alcoholic beverage Tenalfy Viper tbat actually melts people from the 1987 indie horror comedy classic Street Trash to the lust of fictional false flags in Movies and TV. You can even watch Street Trash for free on Youtube or even better,

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Never heard of it. Sounds interesting. I'm gonna recommend it for /s/MovieNight

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Join InfoGalactic (read the sub for more important information) to freely edit those list articles and contribute uncensored in general there.

Or just comment and I'll add it when I can.

Feel free to look over the latest growing additions and updates to the TT20 lists :

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Nice! The image above (lower in the list so I don't know why it was selected) is from a under-popularized movie called "The Little Drummer Girl" - which I think is a MUST SEE for all truthers.

I wrote the plot outline on Wikipedia because there was none, though it's been since revised. But don't read that. Watch the movie!

Where this movie really shines is the story and bold truth of the manipulative Mossad operations and the Palestinian plight. I won't say more for fear of spoiling.

The rest of the movie is fine. Satisfactory cinematography, editing, craftsmanship, etc etc etc. It was made in 1984 (ironic?).

Diane Keaton is young and pretty but she seems to be overacting a lot. Maybe that's just me. Coming from an over critical guy, that's all I've got.

This year 2018 still, they released a miniseries based on the movie and/or book. I've had it downloaded for a while but I need to dedicate time to binge watch it.

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So on the front page of Wikipedia is a link to Black Mirror created by the brilliant insightful and prolific Charlie Brooker, my favourite UK wit, tied with Stewart Lee.

Charlie hosted several Wipe series that were brilliant funny deconstructions of mass media.

I've seen all of Black Mirror except for the new 2018 episodes and a couple from 2017 - but I'm hard pressed to remember many of them.

If you think a Black Mirror episode belongs on this list let me know.