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only one: the nwo, but it can be broken down:

  • global pollution and the sixth mass extinction (not climate!), including gmos, haarp, sonar and geoengineering. -> the deliberate destruction of our food supply.

  • public education, msm propaganda, free speech censorship (minds and hearts, must reclaim the new generatioins and banish common core). tavistock.

  • silicon valley, faang, big data, ai algos, iot, five and 14 eyes surveillance, palantir (peter thiel), alphabet soup agencies. in a word: technocracy. the technetronic era of brzezinsky.

  • the islamic natality bomb in the west,

  • the persecution of christians worldwide. the only religion fit enough to build and maintain a civilized world

  • the fabian socialists / communists / marxists and their client states (china, nk, venezuela, sa, cuba, some indian states, america even to some extent). common purpose.

  • the masons / shriners / koc / jesuits / smom / templars / illuminati / opus dei / legion of christ / the papacy, including the pope - homos and pedos,

  • the theosophists, thelemists, satanists, luciferians, baphomet / baal / moloch worshippers, the oto, the law of one, the druids, the new agers; more sodomites and pedos,

  • the sabattean-frankists, the salonica donmeh / the young turks, the armenian genocide

  • the zionists and the babylonian jews (the ones who stayed there until 1050 and moved to europe after)

  • the muslim brotherhood, the roshaniya, the assassins (the suicide bombers), the sufis in general,

  • the tax exempt foundations (carnegie, ford, rockefeller), the cfr, the trilateral commission, soros ngos, joseph stiglitz

  • the nato, the builderbergers, the eu, the ecb, the fed, the imf, the wb, foreign aid, the bis, the olympic committee, davos, switzerland in general,

  • tax havens for the cabal (too many to list here, lets just mention the city of london and switzerland),

  • the global mic (not just the american, but the russian, chinese and european too) and the defense budgets wasted

  • the global drug, organ and (child / sex) slave trade, the albanian, italian, russian etc mafia.

  • the united nations, unesco, club of rome, agenda 21, forced vaccination, the rockefellers, the gates and other eugenicists, fluoride.

  • the european and other (thai, japanese, arabian, moroccan etc) aristocracy (the core issue, solve this, you solve most of the above)

  • 9/11 because the truth can potentially undo the us kakistocracy, although after all this time i am not sure about that

  • free tibet

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That's a big list. An impressive start.

I'll add that to this other big list and try to organize it somehow...

EDIT: Also, were you serious about "free Tibet"?

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about "free Tibet"?

yes. i think they need to be a free, independent nation. the only way to preserve their unique culture / traditions. it also important to weaken china and to decentralize things in general.

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I agree on all counts.

In addition, it's also important to understand Tibet as a pawn and as a tyrannical state.

We're supposed to hate China when it comes to Tibet. But if China were to give up Tibet do you think they'd really be free? Or would they be scooped up by India who still has deep roots and ties with the United Kingdom and Western powers.

The Dalai Llama seems like a nice guy. It's not difficult to scratch the surface to find some pretty appalling things though, like his racism and other weird ideas. Furthermore, all the gold and wealth in the Tibetan monasteries did not arrive there by accident. That wealth was beaten out of the poor civilian population - not by choice.

These two angles don't detract from your valid statements so much as round it out with more perspectives.

Here's a question you might consider... How many districts, states, territories, and countries does the USA control, directly or indirectly, where the people don't get a vote - and is there any way we can free them as a good example before we free Tibet?

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Here's a question you might consider... How many districts, states, territories, and countries does the USA control, directly or indirectly, where the people don't get a vote - and is there any way we can free them as a good example before we free Tibet?

idk, good q. often voting doesnt do anything tho. just a lipstick on a pig.

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It's more than that. Non voting districts also don't have voting representation. Taxation without...

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I know right?

So why don't they at least symbolically give them the vote. Because they are literally repressing them to their face.

For over 40 ways they can rig the vote :

I'm going turn that into a top 20 too.

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hey thats a pretty comprehensive list too :-)

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It's growing.

Maybe out of control.

Maybe I bit off more than I can chew. No maybe's about it. One step at a time. This week I'll try organizing it a bit more and maybe add citations to the 9/11 list, and maybe pick out next weeks target. Got a fave or short list?

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top20 whistleblowers

top20 deep state operatives in the us now

top20 secret black budget projects (i know, its a tough one, but project manhattan would qualify)

top20 client states of america

top20 false flags in history

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Yeah, I dunno. Just some stuff stupid naval hilarity.
I got nothing on you two in the hidden state actors Dept., So I figured I'd juxtapose the subject and throw in one of the stupidest govt investigations of all time.

"Who is this Dorothy...?"

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that story is spot on! symbols rule the world and its true. the song from the movie wizard of oz "somewhere, over the RAINBOW". not only its a gay symbol, and above all else its luciferian, because the rainbow is the spectrum of light. lucifer is the 'light-bearer'

also the phrasing of that article is hilarious :-)

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A lot of folks, myself included, have listed problems, often that break down into lots of specific problems with elaborate explanations requiring context and holistic understanding of corruption, but these are concrete easy(ish) lists to make. ...When you actually add "Top 20" in front of them.

Makes me think of...

Top20 Limited Hangouts On The Left

Top20 Limited Hangouts On The Right

Top20 Limited Hangouts On Neither Left Nor Right

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top20 inspirational, truth-telling speeches, like this one i just posted:

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Ooooh, dance-off... I mean, inspire-off... I mean, truth-off... I mean, tell-off...

You know what I mean.

"Why America isn't the greatest country in the world anymore."

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I believe he produces The Empire Files with Abby Martin now.

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fyi, i requested an infogalactic acc, i dont have any big plans, just to augment my top20 list with links etc.

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Also, for you, my courageous friend :

Though, I should have asked first if you wanted to be included.

I'd be interesting in hearing how long it takes to be approved. I forget now.

Be cautious with IG. I've never had any significant problems in my few years there, but I've also not gotten much feedback. And I simply don't trust an eerie quiet. Or a non-responsive administrator.

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cool, but im sure most saidit users/admins would make that list

re ig, thanks, good to know, at first i was like, why are they using saturn symbology in their logo? but then i decided i will accept that its a galaxy... i will try not to get doxed by them :-)

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I don't know that anyone else has joined InfoGalactic, so unless they do they don't make the list. I just got so excited because to my knowledge I've be the only lone soul lefty and/or anarchist and/or truther on there for the couple/few years I've been there. And it's only been active since 2015 or so. I got so excited I started the list, a long list of two. I think I jumped the gun. Assuming folks don't mind it, it may be useful for communicating. But after reflection, putting names on lists gets some people nervous. Personally I don't give a fuuuuuck. I use my real name because I'm that open. Maybe it will bite me in the ass. I hope, in a very minor way, it gives people courage. If "they" want to find you they'll find you. I'm just making it easier.

Let me know if you think the list is as stupid as I do, or if you think it has any merit.

The logo is unique so far as I know, but I don't think it's particularly great. It's also poorly rendered. Those were my first thoughts. More pressing in my mind was how stupid I thought the name was. It's adequate but has issues. Galactic is about the size of the ego who came up with it. Further it sounds more like some sci-fi thing. It doesn't convey encyclopedia, free speech, nor alternative anything much less alt-right. Uncensorpedia or Speakfreedia or Opencyclopedia would have been better. Further, aside from the logo you wouldn't know it wasn't Wikipedia. A few minor surface changes and it would distinguish itself instead of being a cheap knockoff copy. Wikispooks went purple and I would use it more but it's painfully slow. RationalWiki is not rational but at least they've embraced colour too.

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Finally another human. A truther even. Not on behalf of IG, but welcome from me.

I hope you don't mind. I wrote you a whole long thing that I realized might be better as a new sub. Thus... was born.

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Regulatory capture, lobbying, Israeli control over US politics, the Rothschilds, Zionism, War Profiteering, Military-Industrial Complex, Corporate Banking, Federal Debt and Centralized Banking, Debt slavery, societal engineering, media and schooling, intelligence agencies, the 0.01%, Billionaires, authoritarian governmental systems, divide and conquer, and many other things that affect us all.

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Good stuff.

The legal bribery known as lobbying reminded me of a couple other little/lesser-known "privileges" of Washington...

  • Sealed secret settlements and taxpayer-funded payoffs of all (hundreds of) sexual offences by senate.

  • Legal insider trading for congress. I learned about this from The Daily Show back when.


"Congress paid out $17 million in settlements. Here's why we know so little about that money."

" On Thursday, the Office of Compliance released additional information indicating that it has paid victims more than $17 million since its creation in the 1990s. That includes all settlements, not just related to sexual harassment, but also discrimination and other cases. "

" When was this money paid out? According to a report from the Office of Compliance, more than $17 million has been paid out in settlements over a period of 20 years -- 1997 to 2017. "

" How many settlements have there been? According to the OOC data released Thursday, there have been 268 settlements. On Wednesday, Rep. Jackie Speier, the California Democrat who unveiled a bill to reform the OOC, announced at a news conference Wednesday that there had been 260 settlements. The previous tally did not include settlements paid in 2015, 2016 and 2017. "

More recently:

"Congress Passes Sexual Harassment Bill By Unanimous Consent"

" The bill, which is expected on the House floor next week, overhauls the reporting and resolution process established as part of the 1995 law that governs workplace harassment and discrimination claims in Congress, dubbed the Congressional Accountability Act. “The process we have will now protect victims of harassment instead of protecting politicians,” said Klobuchar. "


"How Congress Quietly Overhauled Its Insider-Trading Law"

I vividly recall the following Daily Show episode, where I learned about this, and would LOVE to find a copy of it. (I'm blocked in Canada from all ComedyCentral content. We have the Comedy Channel or something.) The dates are odd, so maybe there were 2 shows on it.

The Daily Bail "Jon Stewart Blasts Congress For Gutting STOCK Act" (2013-05-01) :

"Jon Stewart Tears Up Congress For Quietly Scaling Back Insider Trading Law: The ‘F*cker Act’" (2013-04-23) :

"Jon Stewart Takes On ‘Political Intelligence’ vs. Insider Trading In Washington (VIDEO)" (2012-02-16) :

"Why Is Congress Allowed Insider Trading? Stock Market Laws - House Debate (2012)" :

"Corruption is Legal in America" (2015-04-30) :

== More US GOVERNMENT VILLAINS (acknowledged by corporate media Wikipedia) ==–18_United_States_political_sexual_scandals,_censured,_or_reprimanded

== Another Way MARKETS ARE RIGGED ==

Fed Rez, Federal Debt, Centralized Banking, etc all fictions. Debt slavery is real. I used to worry that there was going to be another crash in 2016 but didn't know how it would affect the Presidential Race, then 2017 to some degree. It seemed strange how it wasn't plummeting. And then I learned. Here's another fascinating piece of corrupt shit...

"President's secret 'Plunge Protection Team'..."


Feel free to repost these as you see fit.

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Fluoride, Zionism, war (and AUMF), corporatism, corporate welfare, partisan politics, the Federal Reserve and monetary policy, too big to fail, surveillance/4th amendment violations (and FISA), (corporate) political censorship, pedogate, luciferianism, journalism/the fourth estate, and the CIA.

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of course 9/11 too. 9/11 is the glue that binds us, based on the internet and our age ranges/this point in history.

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It's also freaking obvious, if not immediately, then very soon after. Endless profitable wars unleashed upon people who did not hijack the planes.

JFK at the time was a less documented event and less verifiable. It took a decade before the Zapruder film even became public. Further, it took more than a month and couple years (Afghanistan/Iraq) to ramp up the Vietnam War to full throttle.

Further back in time and things are even less digestible to contemporary minds addicted to their phones and corporate media and bombarded with fictional histories and propaganda.

Many often say, "It didn't start with 9/11". But I think that's where the rubber meets the road.

Jimmy Dore is always talking about the lies leading to the Iraq War. I guess he's allowed to. Eight days ago he briefly explained what WTC7 was to his wife. He knows the global war on terror was started with 9/11. I wanna know why he won't be a broader skeptic to really expose the fraudulent systems that he clearly sees. Threats, choice, ignorance, dogmatism? A limited hangout, by choice or not.

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There is an older glue of bondage. Find David Irving.

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I'm guessing that is in no particular order. :)

If you solve the Zionist and CIA problems (whatever that may mean) then you'll prolly solve the Fluoride problem - and many of the others.

I'd add the banksters and the BIS, WTO, IMF, so many NGOs, NSA, FBI, so many secret agencies, insurance schemes, vaccines, Big Pharma, Western Medicine/healthcare, education, 5G, capitalism, communism, dialectics, Dianetics, religion, scientism, dogmatism, humanitarian "aide", "national" interests, and cat litter. I hate cat litter.

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I watched The Corbett Report WW1 episode concerning the fact that history is written by the victors. Check it out if you haven't yet.

Has anyone else watched any of David Irvings WW2 history.

He's like a James Corbett from the 70s. I suspect that Corbett is slowing e creeping toward the most hideous conspiracy of all. Anyone else delve into this one?

Saturday morning I would have said with a high degree of confidence that I was approaching red pill bedrock. I'm familiar with the general details of everything so far mentioned. I'm not so certain anymore. I recommend starting with Irving's book talk videos on Churchill.


This is the one that cannot be discussed.

Reminder: You have been warned.

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Ahh the old H word. A sacrifice by fire... I wonder who was sacrificing who.

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The H word is the unassailable armor defending Zionism.

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It's easily assailable.

I started it but don't feel like finishing it today: Truther Top 20 : Counter Points To The Official Holocaust Story

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I started it but don't feel like finishing it today: Truther Top 20 : Counter Points To The Official Holocaust Story

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Corbett is great. Have you seen my caricature of him?

David Irving is excellent. Back when, I was initially concerned I'd hear all sorts of bad stuff. Nothing of the sort. Very rational and thorough. Once I started that Holocaust red pill I had no more concerns. Funny how I used to separate the WWII and the Palestine issues - and the banking and the Hollywood and the...

Only one thing stands out to me. Being an expert and historian, why would you not read "Mein Kampf", even if you knew it was a fake or forgery?

I learned Anne Frank's diary was forged from about half way through it, written with a ball point pen, which wasn't even invented until several years after her (alleged?) death. Even still, if I were a historian I'd still try to find time to read it at some point in my career. I think. I mean I watch crap I don't want to watch to stay informed and be more aware of. Perhaps that's my luxury or indigence, and why I haven't animated much lately, as I really need to.

I had a moment last year when I felt I'd reached "Red Pill Bedrock". I thought, everything's corrupt, so what. Next.

Then I uncovered a whole new batch of previously unexplored topics. History is SOOOO full of them (and Jewish conspiracies, true or not). Joseph Atwill on Caesar's Messiah and Shakespeare, Webster Tarpley on The Venetians, Holly Seeliger and Logos Media on the Salem 'Witch' Trials, the "New Fomenko Chronology" of rewritten history, and Michael Cremo on Forbidden Archaeology faaaar older than previously thought. That's just history stuff.

Corbett has discussed Zionism, Palestine, Jews, etc but never the low hanging fruit of the Holocaust. I don't know why. They will ban you for something from 5 years ago, without warning, so perhaps this has been wise all along. He's also not done a show on the Titanic/Olympic switcharoo insurance scam, assassinations, and the accidental collateral losses. Another easy low-hanging false narrative topic.

I started it but don't feel like finishing it today: Truther Top 20 : Counter Points To The Official Holocaust Story

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Whether your Top 20 issues apply to these strange days or for all time, whether you have fewer or greater than 20, I'd like to add these issues to the crowd-source open TT20 project co-hosted on SaidIt and InfoGalactic.

I intend to make a weekly post like this one, in part to nudge you for information and feedback, in part to keep this project alive, and in part to bring a new issue to the fore each week to focus on to pool knowledge.

I also welcome critical feedback. If you think this is a waste of time, a bad idea, poor use of bandwidth, or can be better managed - I'm all ears. Just don't make fun of my toes.

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Psychological Operations (PSYOPs) (false flag/PSYOP/hoax shootings with help from crisis groups such as Osidian), Idealogical Subversion (divide and conquer), Zionist control over banking and US politics, Babylonian Talmud law and the noahide laws, Law in general and the lower courts...

War Profiteering, Military-Industrial Complex, Corporate Banking, Federal Debt and Centralized Banking, Debt slavery, societal engineering, Surveillance state and the SMART METER (Carbon Credit Tax) TRILLION DOLLAR Inititive.

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  • The existence of intellectual property and illegal numbers, especially in the current form. I support both heavy reform and complete abolition.

  • Property taxes which force one to make money to have somewhere to live, grow food, etc. I want to live without using money, preferably creating a gift economy, but am having trouble doing this in any existing country, hence the project I linked. This would also help with the abolition mentioned in the previous point.

  • Selective service, especially the sexist aspect of only requiring males to do it.

  • Excessive regulations stopping one from making money as a minor without relatively large startup capital.

  • Excessive regulation pushing out competition, sometimes even making monopolies.

  • Borders exist and people are forced to align with one side just because they were born there. I support voluntary association, and borders go strongly against this.

  • US citizens have to pay taxes even when in other countries, and one actually has to pay a huge sum of money to renounce citizenship.

  • US citizens are barred from many investments due to excessive regulation, such as the ICO of Blue Frontiers.

  • US federal taxes are way too complicated. To be fair, I believe people should boycott them at this point anyway.

  • US federal taxes pay for many terrible things, like the military which greatly contributes to climate change and has done many terrible and largely pointless wars.

  • The internet is still run by corporations, and people have yet to move to meshnets like the Hyperboria and Yggdrasil.

  • Many websites require using a legal name, which I prefer to avoid as I do not like my legal name at all and was never called by it anyway. Even if I legally changed it, many sites would not accept a name without a last name.

  • Censorship of the internet in schools, libraries, and authoritarian countries like China. In schools, this has greatly decreased my productivity in the past as there are often blocks even on educational websites. In libraries, this has made it hard to use most things which are not on port 80 or 443 such as SSH and IRC in a period where my father could not pay the internet bill and I used an extender to get the library Wi-Fi.

  • Climate change and collapse, which I am preparing for.

  • Terrible water quality and bad air quality. Terrible water quality has made a filter I was using need to be replaced extremely quickly.

  • Not enough green energy.

  • Somehow, there is not a single company which provides environmentally friendly shipping, nor any company I can find which sells cargo or passenger ships which run on wind and/or electricity!

  • Air travel with crazy security is terrible as well as bad for the environment.

  • The only ways to go from the Americas to Afro-Eurasia without air travel are to take the Queen Mary II from the eastern United States, to get a ride on a cargo ship, to go on someone's boat journey in a small boat, or to bring your own boat. South America is not connected to North America by road because of the Darién Gap too, making it even harder to go to/from there than in North America. How is it possible that there is this few options???

  • Not enough open source hardware exists either.

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SOOO much good stuff. Added to the lists.

Would be better for our purposes if these, and all the other great comments on this post were phrased as "Top 20 [Insert List Topic]".

I love that Hyperboria link. I'm definitely following up on that and gonna add it to the DecentralizeAllThings sub.

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UFO's maan, its the mother of all conspiracies. Literally, if you follow the timeline of the concept "conspiracy theory".

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Good, I’d add data and evidence regarding architects for 9/11 truth, as well as the fairbanks WTC7 study by Dr. Husley concluding that fires could NOT have brought down wtc7.And also, PROJECT FOR A NEW AMERICAN CENTURY (PNAC) think tank document called Rebuilding Americans Defenses, stating the need for a catylzing event, like a new pearl harbor. Almost all the authors were Zionists. I believe 25 of the 37 authors were neoconservative zionists.