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Fun fact: At the end of WW2 Germany American troops entered southern Germany with orders to rape woman and girls, force them into prestation for food. Moms were killing there daughters to save them from harm and doing abortions in homes for other rape victims. Eisenhower encouraged his troops to kill males, don't believe me. Google it

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Google says the Germans ran towards Americans because the Russians were raping and killing them.

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Link ?

And talking to many older Germans back in 1974-80, plus, My uncle was beat to death after my aunt was raped by 10 Americans and a second uncle who was a letter carrier was tied to a tree and shot.


Looks like you never even bother to try and do a second of research, you must be American.

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Yes, lots of germans were killed for being on the losing side of the war they started.

War always contains rape, if you start a war you are choosing to cause millions of rapes.

There was no sex offenders register in the 1940s to bar such people from the army.

Then Germany had purposely pushed the narrative they were victimised to stop requests for repatriations from their neighbours who they invaded, raped the women, killed the young men.

Funnily enough this wasn't how most Germans felt at the time. In the 1940s after WW2 was over there was a survey which asked germans what was the most devastating thing to have happened in their history and the majority picked the 30 years war. This a narrative was created more recently.

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likely anti american propaganda

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Lol, I admire you. You don't let your shortcomings get in the way of your confidence. "You are educated beyond your intelligence", however Psychological projection is a defense mechanism people subconsciously employ in order to cope with difficult feelings or emotions.

In a land of the witless, you sure would be king.

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lot of lies about that time

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was women having consensual sex then lying later

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Perhaps. Perhaps not.

How much coercion do you consider necessary before you say it's not consensual? A woman whoring herself to feed her children may seem consensual, but would say it's not. You need to be "friendly" to get the business.

People did what they had to in order to survive.

Do you know how many millions of Germans were rounded up and mass murdered in the few years AFTER the war? It was way more than actually died in the "Holocaust". Take a look at that Hellstorm documentary if you won't read the book.

If you believe the official bullshit about the Holocaust then you also need to watch The Spinning Squirrel (2:50:47) ~ Oven Magnet, 2020-07-06 on BrandNewTube or BitChute

The Western allies (including my Canada) deserve all the criticism and more. IMO there's not enough anti-American propaganda telling the truth about all corrupt government mafias.

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