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Crap... I already pushed them so high. Accepting all of these requests is going to open us up to DDOS. Can you at least give me a count of how many are made when you click Mod Matrix? Are you getting response code 429? I'll check myself if you can tell me how to use the network inspector with an extension...

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I mean you are right that the limits are set pretty high as is.

I did the investigating and I found that the error is actually some drunken error with the code of the 3.5 version that my code is based on of the Reddit mod toolbox, I believe back porting a later version of the Module will fix it.

TL;DR: The Error looked like an API error but once I got the Network monitor open and debugger open it showed new things that caused me to notice it was in fact a problem with the code.

EDIT: In case I didn't make it clear you don't need to up your API rate limits anymore. It was just my code.

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Cool thanks for the update. If an older version doesn't fix it, maybe the newest version will. If it works with old Reddit, it should work here too.