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You'll get the fuck reincarnated until you finally give up on that stupid idea that there would be anything like "lower creatures". You will be forced to live the life of each of them til you learn, because in the end, it only matters how you treated other beings, since everything is connected. Good look on your journey, good luck as well.

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wel i did wright lower creature with "",because i dont believe in that, for me all living creatures are worth the same, i will only kill musquitos because they will bite me, i have spiders and flies in my house and even the flies i leef in peace asslong if they dont anoiy me-like keep flying on my food while i'm eating-SEND ME TO HELL(i was Vegan for 20 years, not without any reason), so maybe i'm on the good path, maybe i should become more nice to all people....nehhh

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How can you be vegan for 20 years and then just stop it? I am living vegan now for almost 20 years, I can't even imagine to eat meat or other animal stuff. It would probably just kill me, since my digestive system is used to the digestion of pure vegetable food only. I would puke and shit myself to death if I tried to eat meat or milk or something that came out of a birds butt.

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NOnonono-ps great to hear your vegan- but I ONLY started to eat/add eggs and Sardines (ones a week) because i felt the need to/my body needed it, i was without energie+felt hungry a lot and sinds i started eating eggs and Sardines i have no craving hunger any more and i feel a little bit more energie, so i'm basicly between Vegetarien and Vegatist (its some thing i came up with, its mix of Dutch words Veganist and Vegetatier)

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Maybe you have a low blood protein level. You can prevent and counter this by heating corn and green beans together and then eating them (to heat them together does the trick). This effect was also known to the Native Americans, they cultivated corn and green beans for this reason. Overigens ben ik ook half Nederlands :D

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COOL i wil look up into that ehh dus ik kan ook Hollands met je chatten?maakt me ni zo ehh dosnt matter to me that much but im not really good at English , i never had english on school-Binnenvaart internaat,ik zou goed duits moeten kunnen,want dat is de enige taal die we daar leerden,(oeps ga automatisch over in Ned.)but i got kickout of the Duitse les alsmost every time,the teacher diddent like me.So you live in Germany?and also lived in Nederland? or do you have mixed parents?ps i like your music taste aswell, i came across Luxor through you posts, and i NEVER heard of that band, diddent even know they had this great Blackmetal bands,they are just as good ass Norway Black Metal e.g. PS when you heat the green beens and corn does it matter how? in water or steaming or baking?

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Helaas kan ik Nederlands beter verstaan ​​dan spreken. One of my two grandpas was a dutchman - the other was one of the Sudeten Germans who were expelled from their homeland after World War II, who sure had to deal with bad mental illness because of that, I don't know much about him, only saw him a few times as a child, never talked to him, he never talked to me (or much to anyone). My other grandpa, that was a dutchman, were always kind and funny to me and my brother back then when we were still kids. He used to talk and curse (a lot) in dutch. That was the first foreign language that I heard someone actually talking in real life, I remember how fascinated I was, asking him constantly then what does these and that mean in dutch. I even remember how my brother told me that he did not believe that our grandpa is really speaking a foreign language, because our grandpa was a drinker and so my brother thought granpa is just making fun on us talking drunken german, claiming it would be a foreign language. :D Oh I see, I'm drowning in old memories now. Well, my English sure is pretty fucked up, too. I teached it myself somehow with being confronted with it all the time, cause it's the "world language", lol.

When it comes to Black Metal, I would say that "True Norwegian Black Metal" became kind of a "label" over the time. The market gets flooded with bands now that all just kinda try to imitate something that they actually don't feel. Black Metal is meant to be evil, it's not fucking flower power. With that hippy attitude, one cannot create an atmosphere of chaos, death, darkness, pain and solitude - it doesn't help to play that music with perfect technique if there isn't the true wicked mind within. I must say that I'm really a fan of authentic music, any kind of music - as long as it contains a real deep or a real strong feeling and isn't just a show, I'll buy it, probably. Real deep and strong feelings in music are mostly found in extreme music genres, but also in some classics, a lot of the stuff from Bach for a great example. Or the 2. movement from the 7. symphony of Beethoven, which without any doubt is one of the most powerfull pieces ever written in all music history.

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lol drunk grandpa, so you learn English yourself aswell, coming from Germany seems more difficult imo because i think i learn it from watching TV(all our English speaking TV stuf is subtitled with dutch subs) and in German that isnt so right-its al synchronized with Germand languaga/sound right?so thats no help to learn english.Black Metal,yeh your prob right, i dont follow new bands for over 15-20 yeqars, so i speak about Burzum,Nargaroth e.a. Scandanavien bands, but because it had his own special sound-imo-i was suprized ti head that German Metal band dont sund differnet then that, if you told me it was Norwegian Black Metal from the 90`s i would believe yeh. i think real good music comes from the heart/has real emotion/pain/joy whatever and had NO rules. ps what does Zettel Kittel means-or is it just a name-gooletranslate did not helpt me out

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I learned it mostly due to lyrics and a dictonary that I read out of boredom. "Zettelkittel" would be translated best with "a frock made of little note papers", I guess. It's not a thing, I just decided for that word combination because it feels good in the mouth spoken out (at least for my german tongue). I'm also still pretty stucked with the old Black Metal, sometimes I wonder how fast the time has passed by. The original creators of that genre are all in their 40s/50s (or Dead) now and even for myself the 90s seem to lay back in the far past.

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yep, im 50 years btw and you?

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ps can you show/send me a link/picture of green beens, when i google it in Dutch ,i only get Sperzibonen.Snijbonen , i founf this link with lots of dif beans, but not 1 is called green beens

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I do believe they are called "snap beans" in English. I wrote "green beans", because I thought that would make it easier to find them in between the great selection of beans in the world :P

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lol that are called Sperziebonen in Dutch, maybe your grandpa called some1 a "rare sperzieboon"? =crazy snapbean. but thats bot e real bad curse word. ps they called sbap beans(i think) because when you break them in half they make a snapy sound and you know that they are fresh...psps these periode i eat them ones/sometimes twices a week because its their time, i eat bilological vegetables so also only food that availeble for the time/periode of the season

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Yeah look into 'karma', that's the 'accounting system' for this kind of 'do good and good things happen to/for you vs do bad and bad things will come for you' type thing. Pretty sure Hinduism attributes this stuff to some agency (a god or gods) whereas in Buddhism it's seen more like just a law of nature- cause and effect / action reaction type of deal.