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This is no news. I've been doing this with mushrooms for over two decades now.

I've done it so well that i nowadays can have real nice hallucinations without consumption of any substances whatsoever.

The hard part was realizing that I nonetheless don't suffer loss of a "sense" of reality itself.

Which is why my hallucinations are pseudo-hallucinations, for a fact.

But this is also no surprise because i "always" realized that I was tripping, even when I began consuming substances.

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I do not find this that compelling. I think they are working with idiots.

Now all that remained was to extricate these false memories from the minds of the volunteers, which turned out to be almost as easy as implanting them had been.

They merely asked the volunteers to identify the source of the memory while highlighting the fact that false memories can be created through a process of repeated, elicited recall that itself can become a form of conditioning.

I’m not sure any of us would be able to do this without recognize we just fabricated the event.