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When I first heard the term "SJW", I thought it meant "Super Jedi Warrior" because I read someone calling somebody an "SJW" during the time when Star Wars the Force Awakens was being promoted years ago.

Anyway, my view of SJWs definitely changed fast. Through the years, I've witnessed a lot of very hypocritical things from so called warriors of justice. They love preaching about tolerance, yet if somebody has a different view from them, they harass the person. They say they are for free speech, yet when someone from the other side of their political spectrum speaks, they go as low as to activate fire alarms or blatantly scream in the room so that the speaker won't be heard or won't be able to speak. They say love should prevail in this world, but all their actions point towards hatred against people who have different opinions to them. They say we should all be equal no matter what race we are, yet they are pushing all sorts of programs to force people into accepting people of different origins even if it means people qualified for a certain job wouldn't be picked because they're not "people of color". They say we shouldn't use violence when dealing with protesters, yet they are the ones who attack people with their milkshakes or milkshakes with chemicals mixed in them. They even beat up people while wearing hoods so that police won't catch them. Most of all, SJWs say they want to listen to reason, logical arguments, yet when you tell them why they are wrong on a subject matter and you present them with scientific data or hard facts, they will just scream or censor you.

Social Justice Warriors, at least from what I've witnessed, are pretty much like villains wearing superhero clothes. They might seem like they're trying to fight the "good fight", yet in reality they're doing horrible things to other people.

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If anyone's a cartoonish moustache-twirling villain it's the SJWs. They LOVE hurting people.

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It doesn't matter. I don't let them change my daily behavior one way or the other. That's the true victory. If I feel like apologizing because I am in the wrong, there's no reason to hold back other than fear. Anyone who would skewer you over an apology isn't someone you should be conversing with anyway. People talk about Trump Derangement Syndrome, but I think there's SJW derangement syndrome too maybe. It's a very small number of people in reality, the media just endlessly focuses on it, and it makes people flip out because they think the world is ending.

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I agree with this. Both Trump Derangement and SJW Derangement are very real.
Imagine being so manipulated that you think striving and fighting for Justice is evil. WTF.

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depends on who defines justice.

We have justice. SJWs are fighting for something bizzare

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Well, those that call themselves SJW's aren't fighting for justice, they're fighting for what they consider justice.

The nazis were fighting for justice too, in their minds... Just because someone calls themselves a social justice warrior doesn't mean they're doing good, or that they're a good person. It's just a label. Not everyone who dons that label is immediately good, and in fact many use it as a moral justification to attack others

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My world won't fucking end for at least 14 more years.

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I don't know what that means