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Corbett with Tripoli, oh shit, worlds colliding. Looks like a good one.

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It happened before: /s/TinFoilHat/comments/abq/tin_foil_hat_143_the_tin_foil_ripple_farm_report/

The first one was epic for the meeting of legends, but there wasn't much covered. I'm glad it's happening on a regular but there's not much to it and hope they delve with themes.

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Yeah this one seems kinda random too, I guess they don't have a set list of topics to cover.

However I gotta say that Sam is kicking ass in this and holding his own with Corbett. It's like he upped his game and is staying on topic, not that there is a topic. I guess I was expecting Corbett to run circles around everyone. Nice work Sam.

Edit: And Sam's messy non-scripted kitchen and shit lighting is cool.

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He has his good days and his great days. Sometimes he bumbles around as I do, but man, when he's on Jimmy Dore, he's on fire! I know a lot of the senators and this and that but to have all their names, be accurate, and instantaneously - that's impressive. And to nail the point after point. Damn. With humour on top! Freeshpeaches with whipped creamz.

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This whole show I'm just like "please don't let my vocabulary disgust James the whole time"