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Any plans on posting BitChute links instead of YouTube links?

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You're certainly welcome to. I encourage you to date it and indicate the source "BitChute".

I like that BitChute exists as an alternative but it pisses me off. The magnet torrent links don't work and BC doesn't offer a download option. Often even YouTube-DLG won't work either. So I avoid BitChute until they get that shit together. I've been bitching about it for years and they know. I almost feel like they are pretending to decentralize yet are protective of letting folks download intentionally.

I also like the idea of PeerTube and DTube but I don't use them. Tragically YouTube is still the place to be. People are getting censored and temporarily banned and outright banned but folks just start new channels. There may be a handful who have completely rejected YouTube but I certainly can't recall who they are.