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Thanks for the sub and new episodes. Is TFH show how you discovered saidit?

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I'm trying to think of something clever to say. I can't. Just read the list at right.

Yes. I quit the YouTubes at the end of May but in Sept it pulled me back in. I'd heard all the old TFH shows, but catching up with TFH your second interview brought me here. If you're keeping score, we've been over this before just over a month ago so don't count me twice.

So I chat messaged Ryan Dawson and Ryan Cristian (TLAV) on Discord, emailed Holly Seeliger (Zoon Politikon) and Sam Tripoli (no response yet), and something else I can't recall. I recommended you all get in contact with each other, and a few more. Individually, but a group gang bang would be fun too. So expect a reach out or few, I hope. I'd love to see/hear you do a regular news update show with one or some of them, even though they also do the news. Maybe once a week, biweekly, monthly, whatever.

Is biweekly twice a week or once every two weeks? Just bi curious.

If all the ladies leave your bisexual orgy does that make you gay?

I don't know how much other "Tin Foil Hat" content besides the podcast will come through here, but I'm hoping Sam will be encouraged by this to invite you on more often for more exposure, etc. I don't intend to post every show, though others may. I only intend to post the A++ and A+++ shows, like (most of) the stuff I come across.

Also the "comedy" sub is good, but this "Tin Foil Hat" sub can also be a place to laugh at ourselves.

Next week I'll likely do Zoon Politikon, though I won't have graphics to share for a while. But she's a regular content producer so that's good. Also I'm hoping her fandom will crawl over here and maybe a Discord chat. It would be great if you could somehow tie a Discord-based "SaidIt" chat with your SaidIt chat.

Over a year ago I was going to rebrand and animate for Zoon, but it got shelved. Looks like it's on again. After that I can do something similar for SaidIt. That's why I haven't had sleep for far too long.

Also, Wikipedia censors. They banned me for a year for being "another polite truther".

On Wiktionary I improved the "truther" definition to include a lot more meanings, antonyms, synonyms, slurs, related terms, etc. They blocked me for a week for "tin foil hattery" when I literally just added that term as a derogatory synonym for "truthers".


Question: On your screen does the SaidIt logo line up over Sam's mouth too?


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Yeah the logo does go on his mouth, haha.

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Excellent. I wasn't sure if the placement of the logo in his mouth was locked or adjusted to my browser.

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Actually the "Saidit" logo and the banner are not locked in. It's just nice coincidence.

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Double sorry, just wanted to know about the mouth thing.

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Dream interview come true!

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See also: "Decades of Deception" by Ryan Dawson (2013-09-26) on YouTube /s/911truth/comments/a6d/decades_of_deception_by_ryan_dawson_20130926_on/

Ryan Dawson's ANC Anti-Neocon site :

Support Ryan on Patreon. Vimeo kicked him off and deleted years of his work without warning. He's going to try to sue.

Ryan Dawson's documentary to rent "The Empire Unmasked"

Ryan Dawson's "Syria Israel's invisible Hand (Free Movie)" is age restricted on YouTube /s/Syria/comments/a1e/youtube_ryan_dawson_syria_israels_invisible_hand/

But is not restricted on

Ryan Dawson's Discord chat :