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The harm that the media and others on the left have done and continue to do to this country by charging the president with praising Nazis and other white supremacists is incalculable

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The far left doubles down on their idiocy, instead of fact checking with an open mind. That is what bothers me the most. Many are intelligent and literate. And yet, they act like fools that believe the promised land is only going to them and no one else.

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I always thought the Right were the Dittoheads. But once I started seeing my friends on the left parroting the exact phraseology from CNN and MSNBC like it was their own opinion, I couldn’t defend them any longer.

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And you shouldn't the right either. All part of the hegelian dialectic.

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They want Trump to win. That's why they are making the left look crazy, or filling it with non-candidates. The Zionists want Trump to win again because it is good bussiness for them. He also is very anti-gun and anti constitution.

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Donald is a Zionist traitor. A doscordian who is only here to divide and conquer. As thr paint the left as crazy, watch for the hidden hand of the right, they'll sweep away your rights as Trump has already started to do. He hates white people, and hates America.

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This is why I'm hopeful for the debates. Trump is either completely inarticulate or very articulate. It depends on the day. I'm hoping he's compiled a list of every lie they've told about him and can knock them down and show how they are lies.

We have smirkgate. Years of "russian collusion" to which their isn't even the smallest hint of evidence for. Them saying that pizzagate was fake news by misrepresenting a quote from the DC police chief saying "we didn't find anything" when he actually said "we didn't find anything because we didn't look." Which is ironic because it itself is fakenews. We have journos calling everything they dislike fake news, like specifically pizza gate, because it didn't have "definitive proof" therefore fake news, but then the russian collusion has zero and it isn't fake news?

I'm saddend by the fact that half the country doesn't get any news outside of this cabal because if they got any it would be so easy to demonstrate how unethical and dishonest these people are. It's so blindingly obvious that the only way you couldn't be complaining is if either you are willfully ok with being lied to or if the only thing you hear are lies so you don't know anything but them.

And the media then attacks Trump for calling them the enemy of the people. Well at this point what are they?

I don't even really like Trump. But the way they attack him is what counts and it's completely unethical. Like why not argue against his policies instead of calling his inaugural speech "dark" when it clearly wasn't, accusing him of the non-crime of "colluding with the russians" whilst having no evidence, and calling him a racist with ... no evidence. Like they have honest avenues of attack and they can't be bothered because it is their character to lie.