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Sounds about right- shady as shit. I look forward to seeing your conclusions.

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I was able to DM someone else there, so that's not blocked.

Other people on there have complained about getting shadow-banned for no good reason.

I got shadow-banned from The_Donald, with no warning or explanation. All that prompted it (as far as I can tell) was that I mentioned in a thread about where they were going to go if the sub was banned.

The thread was locked, too (which is very rare on that sub) again with no explanation given.

My best guess is that reddit admins are meddling with the sub.

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The mods of The_Donald aren't going to want you to mention other non Reddit Trump forums because they aren't mods in those other forums. If everyone leaves T_D then the T_D mods have nothing.

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Reddit is now owned by a Chinese company. They're using it to spy and shape public opinion. Very scary.

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The Chinese?

Are you suggesting that the Chinese care about T_D?

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I honestly did know they would go way beyond a quarantine.

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You've got to explain that as "This subreddit exists primarily as a portal to /r/The_Donald"

I thought/hoped it was about Tenacious D.

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This is legitimate meddling but it's artificially engineered chaos to manufacture division and distract you from the real issues so you fight over this shit instead of getting health care and out of endless wars.