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This seems like a very cogent analysis. As on a few other occasions, I worry a little about any explanation that comes this close to revelation. "If you're really gonna do it, don't talk to anyone about it. Just do it."
Also seems to have been written before Covid struck, though I might be mistaken about that. Couldn't find a date.
Anyway, if the Phoenix is going to rise from the ashes, it had better get going; there's not a lot left to burn.

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Sorry, kazenmusic, I don't understand this comment. Please explain.

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Ah, yes, sorry. I forgot about all the other links in your post. I was referring to the article by Sylvain LaForest, which I now see was from Nov. 2019. So much has happened since!
Now I feel the shadows are larger and darker, and Sylvain's suggestion of revelations that were to come now seem poignant.
My comment, "better get going; not lots left to burn" was more about the events since, the fraud, the betrayals, the seeming fumbling of the potential recovery team (read Patrick Byrne's tale of his experiences with Rudy Giuliani's bunch) ... it adds up to a slowly flattening tire. I'm having a hard time imagining how one event (the CPAC address) could overcome the inertia of the whole storyline since. It's a great thought though.

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I have a much brighter perspective. Don't worry, be happy. Listen to Dave at X22 report. Trump, like the Terminator, will be back, and will indeed spearhead a super-plumber exercise on Swamp Draining.