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There is a certain karmic satisfaction to watching women destroyed by the policies they support en-mass. However, the satisfaction is fairly short lived. Women shouldn't have the right to vote, it's been a disaster for every civilization that has ever implemented it.

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Feminism opened the gates to LGB which opened the gates to TQ, and is currently pushing the overton window towards LGBTQP. Every civilization in which women have achieved equal rights and sexual liberation has fallen within a few centuries. Modern western civilization is maladapted from a biological and evolutionary perspective, operating below replacement rates and heading towards extinction. The only subset of people within these societies that are above replacement rates are the "far right". Sexual liberation is political control, and also a potent poison that ends every civilization it infects.

I'm just enough of a misanthrope to appreciate the schadenfreude of watching women lose titles in every area to men who take female hormones to face less challenging opponents.

Equality is a lie in every aspect in which it is presented, whether it's comparing sub-species of humans or men and women. While men and women both have value as human beings, they do not have equal abilities in any areas. Men are stronger, faster, and tougher. The IQ bell curve for women is clustered in the center, for men it is far more distributed. This means there are vastly more male morons, but the vast majority of the geniuses you encounter will be men.

Women's sports, chess leagues, etc, were created to give women the ability to compete against other humans that shared their abilities and biology. This is because it is common for women's professional hockey and soccer teams to lose to high school teams. In movies a woman can fight 3 men in melee combat and come out on top. In reality your average out of shape neckbeard can easily overpower most ostensibly athletic female opponents.

The blind push for "equality" and the acceptance of mental disorder and degeneracy has resulted in this. That cultural charge has been powered by women. That they were useful idiots in making it so, does not make it any less true.