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Good!!!! Now we need to go after his 'friends', you know, the guys 30+ years older than the girls they all had fun banging. Hahahaha, yeah, turning a young girl into a piece of meat for sale is so good for her soul, and mental stability. These mother fuckers run around on a moral high horse to boot; fuck them.

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Trump went on his plane and was in the flight books (named Epsteins ' Little Black Book'), same with Bill Clinton, Michael Jackson and Chris Tucker, and I believe Kevin Spacey as well.

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Right? I hope they mine this asshat for all his deep dirt and every one of them is hung out to dry like the stinky, moldy fetid messes they are!

And also that Ghislaine Maxwell, traitor to women and girls everywhere. Maybe she can share a cell with Allison Mack.

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I've never heard any updates on that 'frazzle drip' video that was posted to whatever the 'dark web' is actually. Has it been proven a fake, or shown how it was?

It could've been real, and those they claim partook were, or weren't, just looked similar; it just seemed to disappear.

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i'm not familiar with that. Maybe I don't want to be?!?

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It was a pedo-snuff film on the darkweb from the accounts I read; I won't go look at something that's a felony for opening. Others who reported seeing it, stated it was Hillary, and Huma torturing a young girl, then cutting her face off, and taking turns wearing it.

It gained a fairly decent amount of traction with people posting videos as testimony that it was indeed real.

I've got no idea, and don't know, am not judging as I didn't see it, and even if I did, wouldn't know CGI trickery enough to know better, but considering the amount of waves it did make, and never seeing any sort of official 'probe' to dismiss the allegations, well I'm shocked.

I mean, if fake, everyone of the folks who claimed to have seen the film, not only borderline on a felony for child porn, but also defamation, or slander; meaning Hillary, Huma can sue. I know if my 'likeness' was faked like that, I'd sue the living tar out of those who did it.

It just sort of 'went away'. Donno.

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Eeew. Thank you for filling me in, that's horrific either way. Now I have to go have a thorough mindscrubbing :(

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Good but I'm not sure if it will stick this time-he's got too much dirt on his 'good friends' in Washington.

Why are you posting this story twice with different titles???

At reddit I would have called you out for being a Karma Whore.

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I don't care about fake internet points. I posted it to the two threads I thought people might be interested to see it. This title was optimized for thewebofslime. I rarely post content anyway. Thanks for making try to feel like an asshole, though--so thoughtful of you!

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Whoa, I wasn't out to get you! I upvoted one of your posts and ignored the other. Don't feel bad or stop posting because of an internet stranger. I don't know anything about thewebofslime and I'm automatically subscribed to every sub on here. Please, don't feel bad or stop posting. Because of your post I know the latest about that Epstein skank. The only think I remember was a lawsuit(?) that went now where. Good to know that there are people out there that don't forget. I'm a pessimist and don't believe that he will finally paying for his crimes. He has powerful friends in politics and business including former presidents.

As long there are people like you-reminding the public of this slime shit bag rapists, his crimes will not be forgotten. Maybe former victims of his satanic sex ring feel your. our (the public) support to come forward.

I've never intended to hurt you or shut you up. What you are doing is important. Reminding us that this cretin is still walking amongst us and not in prison-No, not some private prison resort for the rich but real prison where he is the one getting raped for a change.

You are making me feel bad. Seriously, I am not That person. Now I am feeling like shit.

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No worries! Thank you for clarifying--and for understanding we do contribute to the betterment of all when we speak up about gross injustices.

I can't find the article now but just a couple weeks ago Epstein got a second judicial pass--which was infuriating--but I now suspect it was a chess move by the prosecutors to make this latest round stick. Let's hope so! As you say he is so connected to all the corruption in DC and beyond, it could be really cool to see it all unravel...

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Thank you for replying and understanding. My heart sunk when I was reading your post. We are on the same page. I'm glad that you posted at all because I wasn't aware of the current or is it the same(?) court proceedings (English?).

You are awesome and keep posting about that evil bastard. Like most of us I'm from reddit and corrupted by their system. I assumed without thinking that you might be another Gallowap- or whatever his name is. A power mod and poster, earning big bucks, stealing other peoples content and posting on multiple subs.

I'm so glad that we could solve our (non) issue. My heart was heavy and I was close to crying. Yeah, I'm emotional and stuff like this brings me down (Doesn't help that I'm in this particular time of the month) . I'm relieved now. Thank you.

I'm Ash by the way. Nice to meet you, my first Saidit friend.

Edit: Sorry for the edits. I write with my heart first before checking my grammar and spelling.

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Delighted and honored to count you among my friends. A bonus is that we have here modeled what respectful relating looks like, and how easy it is to resolve perceived conflict when remaining open. Formosa Oolong offers a deep bow to Ash.

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Thank you Formosa Oolong for taking my offer of friendship. I might act too fast sometimes, without thinking but my heart is at the right place. That's the good thing about Saidit. I come across different people and sometimes I don't share their views (not you) but we won't get bullied over here for not agreeing or sharing the same views. Saidit is not an echo chamber place like reddit.

I'm glad that we are on the same page and even if we weren't we don't have any conflict. Real life is already bad enough. If I want to have conflict in my life I would go to the kebab shop across the street and tell them that their food is shit and gave me stomach pains and diarrhea, or I would go to the manager of my local supermarket and asked the manager if his parents are related because I don't see any reason for their lack of Ginger lemonade every weekend.

I just re-read our comment history of this thread. I went from being brash and ignorant to feeling bad then relieved and blushing at the end and making my first friend over here. PERFECT.