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wow man sticky this pls. and keep educating us

i would also like to cost them extra money. .. what is your scripting language?

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Total hodgepodge. It's a mess, really, but I'm working to streamline. Curl scripts and the like, mostly. MySQL databases working with Google sheets. Different things require different solutions, so I've got stuff running that I've long since forgotten about but still pumps out stuff everyday. So, Curl script + urlhelper to Sheet import to database, curl script to push any number of concatenated links.

If you want to get started on something easy, IFTTT doesn't require any programming knowledge, at all. Basically, you can translate an rss feed onto a lot of platforms. So, if you make your own subreddit, drop .rss at the end, it is a feed that IFTTT can work with and propagate to Twitter, Facebook Pages, Reddit, etc.

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It's fantastic that you can Want to do this every day! I love to hear the truth; but the whole business of mining bullshit eventually sickens me to where I can hardly draw a breath, and I have to take a break. I've bookmarked your spaces where I feel I can go at all (won't subscribe to some things) so thank you for all you do. In a different world I could say "Thank you for your service", for that is what it is, but these days those words don't mean what they used to.

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You are fantastic. Thank you for this, and all your posts, and thank you for your commitment to making this complex mess of depravity and greed known to all.

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I need focused data. If anyone has spreadsheet of news articles and primary sources, I'm interested in archiving them for a database aimed at making an interactive graphic representation of politics, business and MSM.

This is the most helpful format for me (but I'll take anything remotely close):

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I have a few recommendation for you to add if you see fit:

You may want to check out this special page on InfoGalactic. Because these are "recent changes" they may still be works in progress, but at least you know what's new on IG rather than a mirror or an old article. If you actually used this I would suggest putting a time delay on it, like wait a week since an article's last edit.

Also, like Wikipedia, IG is not a cutting edge news source. It's not even first wave. They are about accumulating and contextualizing information - but in a different way.

I can't speak for IG, but as for myself I'd love for you to utilized it somehow too. First I would draft up an article about your intentions and post it and then link to that in the ghosttown-like "social" area:

The IG has not been warm or super welcoming but they have acknowledged and permitted me to do my own wiki projects, unrelated to the greater encyclopedia.

I could see you using it as a sort of back up archival for the top stories or whatever. Maybe just a daily top 20 compilation. Maybe something much greater. Perhaps they'd even let you do a front page top trending feed. Presently the front page of InfoGalactic has 3 panels that cycle the same shit and the 4th panel is a selection of their alt-right news sources. I'd prefer less bias.

Just don't break it. Let me know if ever you want another voice to back you up or check out your work there.


Also, the Discord link doesn't work.

Also, Wikispooks releases weekly entire site zipped to download. They don't torrent/seed it though. I have, though I doubt anyone has bothered to find them. Maybe you might do something similar?

FYI, Robin of Wikispooks joined SaidIt and posts often now.

Also, do you provide any RSS feeds?

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I'll check em all out, now, ty for the recommendations.