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Theres an emerging satanic ritual abuse scandal? I haven't heard about this, sounds like it deserves a post.

Also this room hurts my eyes, lol

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It's been emerging since Pizzagate, and it's relevant again here in the Netherlands now that an official broadcast researched it and concluded that it's happening. Our house of representatives unanimously voted in favor of an official government investigation. It's being covered up, of course, and the investigation is set up to fail. The victims would have to testify before the very people who are accused of partaking (namely the judicial arm of the government). It isn't emerging to the wider public that watches TV.

I know this from following the Dutch independent media and can't find an English source for you right now. But for Pizzagate: check out this video to start with. This is a broader, Western phenomenon.

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Whoa thats some wild stuff...I'd heard some stuff about a pizza place and some sort of child sex trafficking, but some of the more gruesome stuff I had not heard. I really hope this is not real, but if it is they need to hurry up and stop these sick fucks. The emails and stuff are way too weird to be innocent tho

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You better believe it. Here's his entire catalogue of Pizzagate stuff.

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