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Ah, yes. The hate-squeal. Thank you for the term, I will adopt it. =D

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IMO we should try to come up with not only terms like this but also find terms for so much of the nuanced political shit we can't even properly talk about because we don't have common terms. I don't even know which terms I can use anymore to describe my own ideas to people. "Progressive" is a term that the old-left used to use but is now being corrupted and claimed by the insane corporate SJW Dems - and without it there is no other term the "old-left" can use and claim to be. "Socialism" can mean whatever people want it to and from the left or the right it's synonymous with all sorts of other things. "Woke" used to be about 9-11. "Literally" now means figuratively. I could go on but I'm boring myself.

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"I could care less" now means "I could NOT care less"... Color me confused!

I agree of course. Progressive... Some derivative of "egalitarian-ism"? I'm not exactly sure in which aspect of the old style leftism you are referring to?

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Most sensible people are a little bit left and a little bit right on things, depending which issue you mean.

Republican conservatives were one thing and even more "extreme" if you can imagine it, were Alt-Right who seemed to be akin to neo-Nazis for a while, according to how I felt MSM was pushing it, and maybe there was some truth to it, and maybe it was all hype. I've come to realize that the Alt-Right is far more "normal" in the head than the Republicans and their more extreme NeoCons. Even if I may not always buy into the Alt-Right ideas, at least they make sense.

For lack of a better term, going back decades the "old-left" used to generally be 2 factions: 1 with business interests and 1 with social interests (ie. fairness, unions, health, environment, anti-war, etc) - and there was a lot of overlap. The old-far-left were the deep-green people who would perform acts of "terrorism" for environmental causes, like Julia Hill Butterfly who lived in a tree for a year so it wouldn't be logged. Over the last 3 decades I've seen the "progressive left" devolve and a 3rd group rise while the 2nd group faded away some how. There no longer exists any "progressive left" that a person like Dennis Kucinich could call home with anitwar, anticorporate, environmental, and fairness as their focus. Bernie was a poser who overlapped business interests with the old-left ideals in speech but never came through in actions. The Business Left is still there while the new 3rd far-left rose to be some Corporate Insane SJW Left pretending to have real issues but always perverting them. Climate Change is supposed to be about saving the environment but really it's about forcing people to make do with less, have blind faith in corporate scientism, and pay into a Carbon Tax scam. Social Justice is anything but and they've replaced the logic of "fairnes" with the insanity of "equality" and make up their own arbitrary reparation rules for privilege and nonsense shit. And don't even get me started about the gender shit. Antifa is more fascist than neo-Nazis. Anyway, now countless millions of the rational old-left have no peace movement, no unions, no reasonable social programs, no fairness, and certainly no environmental sway since all the deep-green folks are considered "eco-terrorists" and are more severely punished than real criminals- or the much worse corporate criminals who never face trials. Hillary and the corporate left have tried to laughably call themselves progressive, and now the SJWs are trying to call themselves progressive, and many of them like Bernie and AOC are kind of saying sort of the right things - but their actions always prove they're liars and sellouts. Thus the old-left, aside from a few rare exceptions (ie. Shahid Buttar), have no representation and no identity to speak of, or even a proper label/name. However, there are certainly many "old-left" voices out there, however they may identify themselves now. I actually listed them here, which I see you kindly supported (thank you), and I never responded to Chipit, likely buried in my 280+ messages, and now the heat of the moment long passed.

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Yeah it's hard to encapsulate into one term that isn't "old left". Maybe "old left" can stay. ;-)

Your approach to politics seems to have been diametrically opposite of mine, since you know the people and programs so well. I came at it from a completely opposite point of view: "This path leads to hell" repeated time and time again, until I found something that would actually work. Then looking through history, finding that it had INDEED worked well enough that the entire world had to unite against it in order to defeat it. From there, finding out what could, ONE TIME IN HISTORY, unite the entire planet AGAINST something actually good. And here we meet, somewhat on the right, somewhat on the left, and with absolutely no representation in actual politics. If I had representation in politics, this party would be thought of as pure terrorism by the masses who now think only in shades of far leftism without realizing it.

Like everything society does, the pendulum may reverse. However, degenerate mores never seem to swing back.

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Perfect example (I think), especially if it was mask related, and/or trying to rat someone out, and/or call the authorities for some perceived imaginary or slight "offence".

(My browser has been having issues with playback recently. I could hear it and see small thumbnails in the timeline but the screen was black. I don't want to hear that again.)

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I forgot to include more about the "fellow citizens" who are body-snatcher-pod-people-like zombie sheeple neighbours brainwashed by the corporatocracy MSM fear-porn and who've lost all capacity to discern what's right or wrong, much less question anything they see on their hated media coming from their hated government, yet hypocritically believe them anyway.