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Let's get serious, jokes aside. I didn't know that they made a sequel. I only found out because of SaidIt. The Best (at least in my top 5) unfinished TV show got a sequel from the original creator and I don't know shit about it. Only finding out about it years after it was screened. Something is not right with this place. Thanks for the link

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Blue Velvet was Dennis Hopper's big comeback after a couple of decades on speed. The old kind, not meth. "Don't you look at me. Don't you flippin look at me." It scared me too and was partly filmed about fifty miles from my hometown: Lumberton, NC (Lynch has a thing about lumber.). Rolling Stone asked Lynch what was in the gas bottle Hopper carried around. He said: it's whatever you want it to be.

When Hopper's ex-wife was asked about his acting in Blue Velvet she answered, "That wasn't acting; he was like that all through the seventies. Do you remember his immortal line in the movie: "Let's Fuck"? A truly disturbing movie that will live forever.

The song: Clearly both Lynch and whoever wrote the Bobby Venton song had a fetish or fetishes which was easy for an introvert hitting puberty in the sixties.

I guess you didn't see Twin Peaks when it first came out. It was a sensation. People were bringing each other Beta copies to work (connoisseurs only used Beta in the Middle Ages.) and asking probing questions like: Who is your favorite Twin Peaks character? Gays, that I worked with then, were wild for the program.

I could go on but, are you a wo...wo...woperson? Because I look a bit like Lynch and it could be fun. :)

Thanks for the response and think about it. I wonder where in the world you are but I don't expect an answer. It's Five AM in New York so if you're Swedish or German that's fine with me. Ukranian also fine. Dutch, the ex-Yugoslavian republics...Poland. I don't want to sound too eager.

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    what's an O-tap?

    Hopper had gone on ahead to the great speed rush in heaven :) but you should watch it again. I've seen Brownings' Freaks a few times and I think Blue Velvet is better, more trippy. Too bad Hooper has gone on to the big gas mask in the sky. One of his best and directed by him was one about going to Peru to make a movie and the locals make their own movie equipment from reeds. It's very meta and funny. I hate Starbucks on many levels. Yes, I was in E. Asia when foreign movies took ages to get here. Now they release the same time as in the US. Woperson should be one word but I was only goofing on the PC movement that is ridiculous but has many youngsters hypnotized. You clearly have a phobia for dwarfs that should work on. Never met one but I think they are honest. I used to smooth out English subtitles for Japanese movies. Have you heard of Xanax?

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      Good morning.

      I grew up in the US—not New York—but have been living in East Asia for a while, broken up by two years in Mexico fairly recently. I also lived in Thailand for about two years. So, you guessed right and I am amazed. I'll go back and read what I wrote to see how you got it right.

      Not so classic but have you seen Badlands (1973) directed/produced by Terrence Malick with a very young Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek? In True Romance, Tarantino makes multiple references to it. True Romance is a sort of modern classic itself.

      Of course, I've seen Metropolis a few times and nothing is more classic than that. It still looks modern after all this time. The Blue Angel, Tin Drum (Not old enough), Der Himmel Uber Berlin. Wim Wenders is Dutch I think but I liked his early films like Stranger Than Paradise, Down by Law or anything with Tom Waits. I'm not coming up with many classic German films right now.

      Is your username a reference to the Ian Holm android character in Alien?

      Yes, unfortunately, Dennis Hopper is not with us anymore. The Big C got him but he had a good life I think. By the way, he had a fairly short but memorable part in True Romance.

      Sending a virtual hug and an apology for this being short but I need some lubrication of some sort to get me going on long rants and am recovering from a bit too much lubrication, in the form of vodka, last night.

      Just looked up Bad Boy Bubby on IMDB and will be looking for a copy. Honestly, I never heard of it but if you like it that is good enough for me.

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        That was really funny and maybe you won't regret it. I could pass a test right now because this country is really damn severe about the kind of fun you have. I'd come up positive for vodka though but that's not on the list. Good on you for standing up.

        No, I am American, at least that is the passport I have but I may have changed over the years.

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            Oh, I forgot about Evil Dead...Bruce Campbell. He is so funny in the time travel movie: Armies... something, something. Yes, it's a good name. Did you see the one where he's in an old folks home and insists he's Elvis? Bubba Hotep. Funny. I was a sci-fi nut as a kid and also like horror, especially comedy horror. Only once did a horror movie really scare: John Cusak is a paranormal writer who goes to a supposedly haunted hotel room...I'm not going back to IMDB but the title is just a number (of the hotel room) and Stephen King wrote the book. That one really scared me. "We've only just begun..." I'll bet you saw it.

            Bad Boy Bubby is an Australian movie? They do make some good ones. And I didn't know the other things you said about Mel. That explains a lot. Do you remember one of his first: Year of Living Dangerously with Signoury (sp?) Weaver?

            Midnight Oil? It belongs to them—Let's give it back.

            They made the Coca-Cola Kid with Eric Roberts (talk about drug abuse) and I think they have a great sense for comedy. The men have a wonderful sense of friendship—if you're a mate, they will take care of you till the end. I know 'cause I had such a mate, who was older than me and has gone the way of Dennis Hopper.

            I put off writing to you until late because I have to be in the right mood but writing to you gets me keyed up. It is now about one PM in the UK but time for me to have some dinner and turn in with my Patrick O'Brian book. I'm just checking—you don't know him, do you? Because that would be too weird.

            I will check your links and call it a night. Good day to you Ash.

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              By the way, I have nothing against sexy androids. :) That paragraph is amazing.

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              Jason, is that you?

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              Didn't get it and deleted my first response because of Shame.

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              Oh, now I understand O taps so no need to spell it out for all to see. Enjoy one of God's great gifts to mankind, used in moderation.

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              I'm just looking for the fucking hug button on here. I need it Right Now!

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              Season 2 is all over the place but I think they really pull it together in the end. It's actually my favorite season.

              Season 3 is a bit drawn out but I think but the ending is up there with 6 Feet Under for Best. Finale. Ever. Unfortunately about 1/2 thru S3 the quality of music choices drops off. It's still pretty good and overall I can't think of another show that does a better a better job of the soundtrack. But the music for S1 and S2 is jaw droppingly awesome IMO. Hardly an eps. went by that I didn't stop mid-eps. to google the songs.

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              This website has all the music of all seasons for reference:

              And to download from YouTube:

              After listening to this I got hooked again from episode 1 of season 3. The McIntosh County Shouters - Sign of the Judgement: One of the first 10 commenters posted the lyrics. I'm a non-believer/agnostic but love the musical tradition of the religious (South) of the U.S.

              I'm familiar with the The 59th Street Bridge Song but never knew that Simon & Art Garfunkel had their own version of this 60's song. That's the version I know and love:

              Never watched 6 feet under but will give it try after your praise. I don't like the mother/ or actress who's playing her. Reminds me of Ray Donovan's bitch wife. Or the wife of Mr. Soprano a.k.a Nurse Betty.

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              Woops, I see now that Paul Simon wrote it.

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              They only version of this song I knew of was Harpers Bizarre's version.

              Listening to The Leftovers Soundtrack, I thought that it's cute that they made a cover of this sweet 60's song. I didn't had a clue that Simon & Art Garfunkel had their own version/Simon wrote this song. I learn something new everyday.

              Btw, while writing I'm listening to the best version of Art Garfunkel & Simon's- Sound of Silence. Oh, now, it's The Animals-House of The Rising Sun. They both belong to the list of Mankinds Top 10. He 'aint heavy, should be also on the list. I'm trying to not go through the rabbit hole but I want to listen to Paint it Black now... Too late, it's Elton's Tiny Dancer. Damn you ITunes Music List!! I'm slow while typing and listening to classics. Taking breaks, wiping tears away and indulging, being grateful that I'm able to experience such greatness.

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              Just in case you haven't seen it I never fail to tear up

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              I had no idea the S&G covered Feeling Groovy. I'm with you, the original is a better listen.

              Just a heads up on 6 Feet Under. After the first 2 (or maybe 3, it's been a while) seasons it gets bogged down in personal drama and conflict that gets wearisome. In fact I stopped watching and hadn't planned to finish the series until I read a post on-line that described how awesome the final season (6?) is. Since I knew the characters I was able to start watching at 6 and I don't recall ever feeling that I was missing important backstory from the seasons I skipped.

              The mom is not very likable, the casting is spot on IMO.

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              I will give 6 Feet Under another go. I tried years ago but something turned me off after watching 1-2 episodes. I guess it was the matriarch actress/persona. I must have missed out on some great television- Lost- thought it was a miniseries and everything would be resolved after just a few episodes. Now everyone is pissed about the ending-I don't know nothing of, Ray Donovan-bored after season 3 (?) and couldn't bother to catch up after long breaks between seasons. Never watched The Sopranos, except for 2 or 3 episodes. Why does this woman still gets roles (Mrs. Soprano) this woman is a downer in every series she's in. Wasn't she also in OZ for a hot minute?

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              6 Feet Under was so special but now that I've been thinking about it I have to wonder how much of that will seem hackneyed or overdone now. I can't talk details without giving important plot elements away, so I won't. But since one of the leads went on to be Dexter it might be hard to watch 6FU and not see him as that character, especially since he was so fresh and understated in 6FU. IDK... if you do try it again I'd appreciate hearing what you think.

              I could not get into Lost at all and if I'd known that the same guy behind it did Leftovers I probably wouldn't have tried Leftovers. Sometimes less informed is better ;)

              I tried Ray Donovan but it seemed so cliched that I couldn't get into it. Should I give it another go?

              Too bad about the Sopranos. It and Parks and Rec are series that I can re-watch endlessly. Interesting that Edie Falco and Francis Conroy (the mom in 6FU) annoy you. Conroy also plays a psychotic mom (or aunt or something like that) in American Horror Story. Playing to type?

              Another series that I unexpectedly became very caught up in, for a few seasons at least, is The Affair. After the 1st episode I was prepared to dismiss it as just another night time soap opera but after a couple more eps. it became quite a bit more. Runs out of steam by the 4th season though, but up til then I found it a very satisfying and engaging watch. I am a bit of a sucker for Dominic West though.

              Speaking of have you tried The Wire?

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                My aren't you a wealth of TV info. And it's all good, thanks man.

                Yeah Dexter turned into such a dumpster fire. I stopped watching mid way through the season with John Lithgow as the baddie. By then everything that had made the first season so unexpected and engaging was gone. I didn't see the finale but after reading about it that's a good thing.

                I've never heard of Southland but taking your recommendations to heart and d/l'ing as we speak. Good timing because I just finished The Boys -- only worth watching for Urban's English accent IMO -- and have been casting around for my next watch.

                I have a recollection of The Shield falling flat for me and I know I've checked out OZ but can't for the life of me recall it, maybe I'll give it another look.

                Speaking of cop shows have you checked out Bosch? I'm a big fan of the books and the casting of the lead is absolutely dead on. Seasons 1-3 are some great storytelling, but 4 & 5 starts to feel tired.

                In the same vein are The Killing, The Fall, and The Bridge (both the US remake and the original Swedish?). All great, compelling viewing IMO.

                Rubicon was an amazing spy/intrigue show, unfortunately they only did one season which is especially upsetting given all the set up they did.

                What is the name of the German P&R show? That's something I'd love to see, hopefully I can find it with subs.

                Never heard of Z Nation or Captive State but have added them to the list. Thanks!

                The Strain is a tad rough around the edges but good story telling and I always enjoy Corey Stoll. It's hard to make a show about vampires and have it feel fresh but they manage it in spades. Still haven't seen season 5 though so maybe they mess it up, hope not.

                I have to mention Los Espookys in case it didn't hit your radar. One of the most fun, dumbest shows to come along in forever. Call it a guilty pleasure but I enjoy the heck out of that show. Angie Tribeca was also a lot of fun but they should have stopped after one season.

                I'm trying not to get excited about Watchman -- too high expectations and all that.

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                Only less than a handful of series make me feel (like this)- Twin Peaks, Wild Palms and the first season of The Leftovers.