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Yeah I stopped using rotten tomatoes a long time ago. Imdb is good as is metacritic. I only ever pay attention to user rankings though, the reviewer scores mean literally nothing because they're mostly paid

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Worse than ever.

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Eh, I wouldn't say that's completely the case. Part of the issue is that Critics watch this stuff so much that they start to get weird about it. Like how art evolved into abstract art that the average person is confused by but critics love while stuff the average joe loves gets torn apart by critics - The critics are bored of that stuff, so they end up conflicting with what people want

Still same issue, just that it's not ALL because they are paid off

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That's fair, but I'd say the influence is 70% the paid off part, and 30% what you said, just making up numbers based on my best guess. I think movies are more more corporatized now than painting art ever was

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The Orville is absolutely the spiritual successor of Star Trek, and it’s fantastic.

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Meh. It's not evolved beyond it much. But at least it didn't step back.