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Sadly, that means while people are waiting for a fix, your only recourse to protect yourself from the flaw is to uninstall VLC

or just not run it, there's no background process

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[Update 8:35 AM] Based on a tweet by VideoLAN, VLC may not be as vulnerable as it initially appeared. VideoLAN says the “security issue” in VLC was caused by a third-party library called Libebml that was fixed 16 months ago, and that Mitre’s claim was based on a previous (and outdated) version of VLC.

[Update 10:30 AM] The VLC CVE on the National Vulnerability Database has now been updated, downgrading the severity of the issue from a Base Score of 9.8 (critical) to 5.5 (medium), with the change log also specifying that the “Victim must voluntarily interact with attack mechanism.”

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D: Wut!