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Is there ANY way for us to stop facebook from gathering our information other than protesting through written articles? If a death certificate is submitted to fb as they requested for complete deletion of account, will they erase all the data and/or stop gathering information?

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Unless you stop using Android devices and stop using the internet. You can't. Even if you never had an account, they still track you. Android applications and other sources feed data to Facebook. They make too much money off of that data to ever back off and unless legal actions take place, it isn't going anywhere any time soon. One thing I will have to look into though are the EU regulations about a user having full rights to their account and information.

I will post another article about the android apps and if I find a few other good related ones, will post those too.

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Even if you don't use the internet or Android, they have shadow profiles. It's not impossible to simply block Facebook with addons like NoScript either, and it's possible to use Android without Facebook too.

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Please see the other articles I posted. You don't have to use Facebook to be tracked.

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Exactly, but there's ways to block scripts and tracking and manipualte thigns, so it's harder. But really, just leave the internet, is the best way and wear a balclava.

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Hypothetically, what would happen if a person dies to protest? Asking for a friend.

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You don't have to use Google to use an Android phone. There is usually a screen swipe which activates the phone without a Google email.

You can then use guardian repo, fdroid, yalp store anon for Google apps, or any if the other smaller repo stores out there.

You can put libreos, cyanogen mod, or any number of other flavors of Android which don't submit anything to Google.

If you want to use Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms without having them siphon your data, use a web browser and log out when you're done. most of the social media companies still offer www access, which means you don't have to use their app or accept their permissions.

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In several other articles I posted, Facebook tracks you even I you do not have an account. Simply logging out won't solve anything. Also apps feed data to Facebook regardless of if you have a Facebook or not. That I another article I posted as well.

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Yes there is. You could edit your /etc/hosts or C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts to put in zero-routing entries for all facebook frontend servers. Here are my current entries for facebook:

Little explanation: Normally you ask a DNS server for the IP adress of a certain domain name. But you can change the routing via an entry in the host file. Now you are pinning a domain name to an IP adress. This adress can be anything. is in windows = = localhost. A request in this case would not be directed to the server, instead it will ask your own pc for that resource. This will obv. not be answered.

To make it more simple, than editing the hosts file in a text-editor, you could download a tool like hostsman ( and subscribe to adblocking lists. This will block most of advertising, trackers... on a os level instead of application level (e.g. adblocker in browser).

Edit: Just saw that seemst to be down (or atleast not reachable via my VPN). Here is a download link for hostsman:

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Wow, thank you. I changed the value under DNS to Did I do it right?

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No. You just edited a comment line (every line with # at the beginning is just a comment). You would need to put in all those rules:

You could add it under or over you current entries for Microsoft. It doesn't matter if you put in or and then the url. It is for Microsoft both the same address.

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VPN your IP, delete any and all accounts related to Facebook, you could potentially stop it. Delete old data? I would say no.

I would still personally argue no.

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Yes, but some of you won't like it.

Lobby your elected officials.

I know some of you are opposed to State intervention for abstract reasons, but when corporations runs rampant, legislation is the only thing that stops them.

The GDPR has done more to diminish the power of surveillance capitalism than any written article.

Vote. Call your officials. Write letters to your officials. Use the legislative machinery. That's what it's there for.

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What has GDPR done? It's essentially forced those annoying little pop up ads infantilizing you to inform you that websites use cookies, welcome to 1990, oh and it killed whois..

The largest problem with Millennials is they've functionally broken the language to sound cool, and then look like jackasses when required to use it for any modicum of intellect, probably because of common core and teaching to the exams, but I digress.

For example, let's take "surveillance capitalism is terrible, these corporations are running all rampant thieving my data against my will".

You see, this is an actual Millennial conundrum. Instead of coming to the conclusion they could just limit many of these companies by simply uninstalling Facebook and grindr, they won't because their belief is companies should be forced to comply with their needs, wants, & desires..

They shouldn't give you this free app in exchange for your data, which they do sell to brokers who pay to support the coders, engineers, infrastructure servers, marketing departments, etc. See, Millennials believe they have a right to their grindr app.. Unfettered access, no holds barred, mandatory daily updates, no server downtime, and great customer service, and if grindr can't do it, by God make grinder a utility, because the government should give it to them for free

That's Millennial tyranny. This is because they are detached from reality and they've functionally broken English, I see it everyday in my graduate program.

Now, let's take actual an example of real American style tyranny. A 3 am no knock raid by swat, men with guns, executors of the state.. Perhaps like in Texas, they hear you might have a meth lab, or maybe in the future it's because the government has decreed no millennial should be searching Craigslist for casual encounters, or because someone searched for ragnar Benson pdfs or googled jihad.. Yes, these no knock raids do occur.

The problem with people like this guy, is they're all in.. His legislators sold him a bill of goods, and the true believers are the little monkeys with bells on, they just march around clanging their symbols..

You see, while they're selling him on the idea that his Facebook and grindr are terrible and these "rampant corporations" run amuck make him an impotent, feckless, powerless human unless he clangs his symbols and he relinquishes control, real crony capitalism is occurring, endorsed by the same people firing him up about grindr. The big three data companies like Equifax and experian have been given unrestricted and complete access to all your data, They are the government endorsed gateway. They continuously lose, or in their malfeasance, allow theft of millions of people's data. They lie and deny it, and lose more data again, again, for essentially the same issue, rinse, repeat.. No one goes to jail.. The msm news highlights it on the back page, while highlighting Zuck on the front page.

While they fire up this guy to worry about his grindr search history, his SSN, last 3 addresses, number of credit cards and credit score get dropped on darkweb, numerous times, nobody resigns, few fines, certainly no jail time. They farm this data out to other players, organizations who for example track those grocery cards you use to get 5 cents off your milk and jelly.

And when anyone asks about such things, these politicians have the media stir up the true believers about how powerless they are, because Facebook, Amazon and grindr didn't give them free stuff they deserve and tracked them with their consent, how helpless they are.

It works!! People clang their symbols about how capitalism is terrible, gdpr is so great and Facebook so bad but they're forced to use it, how it's been terrible since net neutrality was repealed and were all using CSD dial up now..

The insanity is many really are just npc's. I mean, we literally have secret government courts now, which essentially ok'd the looking into a sitting president, yet a majority of people are absolutely ok with this because Orange man bad.

Good thing he lobbies his legislators, they're gonna restrict speech, and find ways to stop fake news and alternative facts or opinions from getting out there, after all, you can't be bothered to read for yourself after all. Oh, and they made credit freeze free to address our data overlords issue. Good call..

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Noscript and Imatrix with certain privacy orientated, custimizable browsers, Iphone and andriod, whelp, your screwed, NO PHONE or burner phone is the way to go.

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This is why i use a CB radio ;)

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Do you happen to know any radios that are affordable and have a long distance range? (with 2-way communication)

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On Computing Forever downgrading to a dumbphone (Nokia 3310) is a thing that was discussed, seems like a good idea to remove the distraction of the phone apart from the whole privacy thing

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FACEBOOK has scripts on over half of websites, google-analytics, almost all, Not here though.

USE Imatrix or noscript to block these scripts.

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Brave Shields says there is a google analytics tracker on this site that has been blocked

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Can not seem to find it in code? What does BRave say?

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there'd better not be. if there is it's a bug that should be reported.

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This doesn't surprise me. I think the best you could do is delete all your information from your account.

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No, you change the information and for months on end complete surveys and buying habits that are MUCH different than your true interests. Change your location, etc. Then delete it and block all facebook scripts.

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I think maybe I was lucky with that one. For years I was using a fake email/fake name with FB, and after an argument with another user my FB account got blocked. I later started another account with my real name and barely used it. Not much to delete there. Never had it as an app on my phone.

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And the sky is blue.

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Big Brother Facebook