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Poor nonscientific anecdotes presented as evidence.

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You're entitled to your opinion but I disagree. The man with the dark glasses is an inventor who makes state-of-the-art military weapons and he has been warning people about 5G LED street lights and 5G in general for over a year. Nonscientific, eh? Alarmist? Do you have any evidence you'd like to present?

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My opinion is based on measured scientific experimentation. For proof, lets check in with the CDC.

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I think the CDC is part of the problem. For example, they are helping the US Gov to convince us that there really is climate change. Sorry, I do not believe anything the US gov tells me about 5G or the climate. Israel will not have 5G. Why?

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BTW, do you consider 240 peer-reviewed articles on the dangers of 4G and other forms of EMF as anecdotal evidence?

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Even the "ants circling around iPhone" video is terrible. They look like anything but ants, the concrete underneath is smoothed out when they pass over it, also they walk through each other. I'm sorry, but I'm having trouble believing something that uses video shitposts as scientific research.