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Very good question and I can't answer it but maybe Corbett will. I'm going to watch it now and will let you know. Nope, he didn't answer your question and maybe there is no "good" search engine out there. I'm using Start Page and Duck Duck Go but almost everyone knows about them. Making a search engine is no simple matter I'm sure. If someone tries to build a fair engine, they will probably be bought out by someone else. Meantime, do I have an Alexa? No way. I have tape over the microphones and camera of this machine but it still hears what we say. I'm thinking of trying puttty but it will probably gunk of the mike when I need to use it.

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It turns out that there are a couple of independent alternative search engines! This decentralized one YaCy looks awesome, I'm gonna have to dig in a bit.

Found here:

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You should post this for sure. Thanks.

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