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The church lady said it was Satan.

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Ridicule without substance, how modern. If moderators were allowed to moderate, comments like this should be removed from an Islamic sub.

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It's certainly not a sin to believe in the quarantines or the vaccine or any of that we can only say "so and so is a sin" based on SOUND indisputable verses of the Quran.

In the judgement day you will be asked about salah, jihad, speaking out against the oppression of the leaders etc. Overhyped as covid may or may not be, these types of speculations has little to do with Islam. Alhamdulillah it has caused a great deal of pain to the Chinese mushrikeen though.

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Vaccine is a jewish invention, Muslims should not take it.

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Facebook is a jewish invention among other things. It's not haram to use it, so long as you're not using it to commit sins obviously. It's not in the deen of Islam to avoid an invention because the kuffar made it. As a matter of fact it's permissible also as ghanimah. Their inventions, their wealth is encouragement for us to fight jihad and take them as war booty.

I myself didn't take the shot because I think they're trying way too hard to censor any reasonable opposition to it which really doesn't make them look credible but to say it's haram is speaking on behalf of Allah with no evidence.

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In a hadith Muhammad said that Satan occupies the space between people in communal prayer, the point being that people should stand together in communal prayer. Yet in my local mosque they stand 6 feet apart. When I asked someone about this, he said that health considerations override other requirements. I asked him how he knows that this is a real health issue. He answered that he asked the doctors in the mosque. I know this man and I know that he is much more intelligent than the doctors. He could easily do his own research but he would rather spend his time studying Islam instead. In my opinion, this is wrong. Muhammad stressed the need to balance religion with real world needs. Unlike the doctors, this man has the intelligence to see through Satan's lies. When God asks him on judgement day why he didn't invest the time to do this, I wonder what he will say. This story illustrates the core problem with Muslims today, namely their unwillingness to apply critical thinking that is needed to correctly apply Islamic principles to the modern world.