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i just thought it would be fun to have a place for people with Trolling Humor

Well I suggest you take the time and learn how it works, because the pyramid is not that complicated.

If you do things at the bottom of it, you will get banned eventually. Those are the rules. Insulting others, even as a "joke" is still at the bottom of the pyramid, as fred explained. I'm glad you're willing to respect the rules. Just read over the picture a few times, and always strive for the top.

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oke, picture is very clear-i understand- i dont think i ever seen this, i thought the "Pyramide" had something to do with the nr of "lightbulps or smile" you got, but now i know and understand. Ps i wander it oke/a differnece to e.g "name calling" as a joke when the other understand that? for me its dificult because i feel strange -like a slimeball when i am frendly or have to be frendly- so when i want to be frendly/nice to some1 because i like them i have tendency to be rude, but thats my way of being Frendly, the problem is that most people dont understand that, but i gues its something to work on for me, or just face the concequences

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If the other person 100% understands you're joking, it's fine, but that case is rare on the internet. Thanks for seeing the rules now and taking them seriously.