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i guess Trolling isnt for people with No working Brain cells

Again, you're just name calling. Do you actually have something to state? Is the point of s/TROLLING just to promote shit posting?

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AGAIN, yep certainly Trolling isnt for people with No working Brain cells. I clearly posted in the side bar what this sub is about, and you read it, even quoted it, but still dont get it..... no brain cells

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I'll refer you to:

Which state:

All site-wide rules always apply to your sub. Mods cannot break saidit site rules or encourage others in their sub to do so.

Site wide rules:

Which prohibits repeatedly dragging discussion in a downward direction on the Pyramid of Debate.

If the point of this sub is to repeatedly drag down the discussion it seems to me to be contrary to Saidit rules and values.

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Thanks for calling this out fred, you are correct and I'm now discussing it with him myself.