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This is a bottom of the pryamid post


Name calling

I only have had 3 mobile phones in my life

because you don't want to contribute to

a pile of toxic shit

OK, you're concerned about recycling, that's nice I guess. Yet your post is toxic in that it promotes anger between Saidit users.

I only have had 3 mobile phones in my life

as Smart/iPhones make people

antisocial while with others

people ar brainwashed

I agree that smartphones promote shallow communication between people. Brainwashing has occurred for a long time without the use of smartphones.

Also i never owned a car, like most idiots think they need 1 to do shopping, or go to work.

People are idiots for owning a car? Again, name calling. If you don't want to own a car, and don't feel it's necessary for your shopping or commuting to work, good for you. Are you saying the world should look like China did a few decades ago where we all live in big cities and ride bicycles?

I have to wonder, did you start s/TROLLING so you can have an excuse to come on Saidit and act like an asshole?

From the sidebar rules/blurb it certainly looks like it.

If you dont know what Trolling is about i am sure you will find out here. Need to get rid of some anger/emotions or whatever?, here is the place to do so. Feel there is no place for you to sober up or get more drunk while enjoying the internet, here you can. I like to say that everything is allowed, well it is as long as its within the rules of Saidit because we are on this website so we have to respect their rules, and maybe that's a good thing because its oke to Annoy/Insult/Bully others but not the intention to hurt people, because that's just Low.

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i guess Trolling isnt for people with No working Brain cells

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Hi XXY, he's right. You're insulting others and then acting like you've done nothing. Please read these:

This is your last warning because you've already done it many, many times. This sub as a whole doesn't really fit within the saidit rules, so I am likely to shut it down if I see another infraction that drags discussion down the pyramid of debate.

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i guess Trolling isnt for people with No working Brain cells

Again, you're just name calling. Do you actually have something to state? Is the point of s/TROLLING just to promote shit posting?

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AGAIN, yep certainly Trolling isnt for people with No working Brain cells. I clearly posted in the side bar what this sub is about, and you read it, even quoted it, but still dont get it..... no brain cells

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I'll refer you to:

Which state:

All site-wide rules always apply to your sub. Mods cannot break saidit site rules or encourage others in their sub to do so.

Site wide rules:

Which prohibits repeatedly dragging discussion in a downward direction on the Pyramid of Debate.

If the point of this sub is to repeatedly drag down the discussion it seems to me to be contrary to Saidit rules and values.

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Thanks for calling this out fred, you are correct and I'm now discussing it with him myself.

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i soon as i see "rules" some where i stopt reading

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Tell me why I shouldn't ban you then since you don't care about the community rules and seem to be regularly dragging discussion down the pyramid of debate?

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i have no idea what the pyramide thing is about, i dont understand it,maybe its my Enlish or i am not smart enough for it, so i dont understand what you mean with"dragging down the discusion pyramide of debate" i never talk about the piramide because i dont even understand what is means, so i have no idea why you say that, i do respect the rules of Saidit, but i dont like to read all the rules,i prefer to use common sence but i understand there have to be rules and i respect them -, i just thought it would be fun to have a place for people with Trolling Humor and can be themself a bit. I made it clear in the sidebar what this sub is about so that people-who read the side bar and have a bit of braincells-yeh i say that again because some read it and then still cry if you insult/name calling them- wont be suprized, and know what this sub is about, So if yo dont like people Insulting you or beign rude etc, dont be here, and if its NOT alowed,if you dont agree with this sub, i respect that ,because its your site not mine.

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i just thought it would be fun to have a place for people with Trolling Humor

Well I suggest you take the time and learn how it works, because the pyramid is not that complicated.

If you do things at the bottom of it, you will get banned eventually. Those are the rules. Insulting others, even as a "joke" is still at the bottom of the pyramid, as fred explained. I'm glad you're willing to respect the rules. Just read over the picture a few times, and always strive for the top.

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oke, picture is very clear-i understand- i dont think i ever seen this, i thought the "Pyramide" had something to do with the nr of "lightbulps or smile" you got, but now i know and understand. Ps i wander it oke/a differnece to e.g "name calling" as a joke when the other understand that? for me its dificult because i feel strange -like a slimeball when i am frendly or have to be frendly- so when i want to be frendly/nice to some1 because i like them i have tendency to be rude, but thats my way of being Frendly, the problem is that most people dont understand that, but i gues its something to work on for me, or just face the concequences

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Dude, god bless you, but you might want to turn down the fallacies a little or a lot.

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look at this fuckin boomer thinking he's better because he lives like an ape. sure it's not hard to not have any money and act like that's a virtue like come on. you know what is hard? getting promoted and working for more money so you can buy cars for other people instead of living a selfish caveman life. everyone needs a car these days especially in america bcz the roads are so long. plus i can tell you don't give a shit about charities, and i mean the good ones too. how much money do you make? you probably live off food stamps given to you by richer people paying your bills.

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yep ,why should i go work when i can get every thing for free...dumbass