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No, it is important to note that the users who are claiming that there are NPOV issues, namely you and Icewhiz, have yet to bring any reliable sources that demonstrate any type of NPOV issue. They simply claim that based on feeling that the balance of sources is off. Im pretty sure your personal feeling is not what determines NPOV on this website. As far as only defence, that is verging on a purposely untrue statement. Please dont do that. nableezy - 16:06, 6 February 2019 (UTC)

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Never let the Goyims start questioning us goy the holocaust was real and any one who says otherwise should be killed by the laws of the talmud Holodomor, Armenian Genocide, and the occupation of Palestine never happened goy and it is anti semetic to mention these events

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A crucial reference. Most people don't even know what this was/is.

The Zionists are very clever about rewriting history, or omitting facts about key events. This is a brainwashing tactic.

I suspect that the motive behind disarming the American public is a planned version of the Holodomor for the American citizenry.

We need to awaken the public to the history of the Soviet Bolsheviks and their treasonous history. This is knocking on our door.

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and even then auto correct knows what is Holocaust but it does not know Holodomor as a word

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Yeah I was surprised to learn about the Holodomor when I first stumbled upon the big bad Alt-right sites because non of my teachers ever talked about Armenian Genocide, Holodomor, or Occupation of Palestine but they sure did teach the holocaust a whole lot we even had to watch a video on the holocaust I mean shit the wiki even had a page on Holodomor locked and pozzed mostly

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Of course there's antisemitism in the comments! Of course!