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If your Grandfather gets a sex change operation what do you call it?


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Whats the difference between a tranny and a retard?

One gay advocacy publication describes Dr. Levine this way, “Dr. Rachel Levine is very much regarded in the fields of pediatrics, psychiatry and social well being…” They neglect to mention that Dr. Levine has advocated for allowing persons who are below the age of sexual consent to get hormone blockers and genital mutilation, causing irreversible damage.

In other words, the new four-star admiral and HHS Assistant Secretary for Health believes your thirteen-year-old is too young to consent to sexual intercourse but is old enough and mature enough to make life-altering decisions on taking hormone inhibitors to prevent normal puberty and to get surgery removing or altering his or her genitalia, without parental consent.

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THere will always be hate in the world, we must live with it and stop letting the selfish people try to get their way, BLM was just an excuses to destroy property, because there were lots of people nobody can get arrested if they don't know who it was, I hated the BLM act, they should have not done what they did, but I do understand why, they should have tried a different approach.