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If 2010 is youth for you, then imagine rolling back what you thought was freedom a couple, or three decades.

You used to be able to walk into any airport to the boarding gate to meet friends, and relatives; the airports in some places even had destination restaurants.

Then there was the open freedom of being able to go sit, walk, video, or photograph just about anything you wanted without being harassed as a possible 'bad dude'.

Times have definitely changed in the 21st Century.

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I was making a joke, maybe only to myself, since my youth was way before 2010. You are right, things have changed much for the worse.

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ah, okay, anymore, it's hard to realize there are adults upwards of 30, who've never known anything other than for the most part, the 'modern world'. I always just go by way of the default of, 'we weren't free, but were a lot more free than you guys now'.

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I thought everyone had figured out I was just a dirty old man since that's what my user name means. Except for the new members coming in from reddit, I'm sure there are a lot of oldER guys like me.